About the topics

WordPress insists on calling them “categories”, but whatever.

Atheism & Humanism
Thoughts and articles about god, lack of gods, and that fun gray area in between.

Bullshit Detector
America produces some of the most exquisite bullshit the world has ever seen.  It’s primo Grade-A stuff.

Cultural Wasteland
These are items that cause me to seriously doubt the survival of our species.

I haven’t posted a ton of stuff about drugs, but now and then something comes up that’s worth mentioning.

Fun Stuff
Just some things that make me smile.  I can’t say they’ll always do the same for you, though. 🙂

Geek Streak
Posts about technology and gadgets and electronic things and OMG it’s so shiny…

General Blatherings
Just what it sounds like!  This topic has the most posts, apparently.

Heterosexually Challenged
Posts about gay stuff and the people who still seem to have trouble admitting that homosexuals are, in fact, just regular people.  Humans, even!

Holy Shit!  (Religion)
People saying and doing stupid things in the name of their misguided religious beliefs.  (Warning:   my dislike of American Christianity is quite obvious.  Just so ya know.)

Idiots & Assholes  (Politics)
Posts about batshit crazy conservatives and ultra-right-wing pricks who are doing their best to spread as much hate and misery around the country as possible.  Warning:  these posts usually cranky and peppered with words like “fucktard”, “dipshit”, and “shitmonkey”.  Just so ya know.  (However, since reaching my 40’s I find that I’m giving less of a shit than usual…)

Marketing Bullshit
I’ve always been in awe of the ways that marketing people try to mislead or otherwise stick it to the consumer.

The occasional review or commentary about “entertainment media” stuff.

Patriotic Peepeecaca
I’m fascinated (sometimes terrified) by America’s resurgence of patriotism since 9/11.  Sometimes it’s not really patriotism, but something a bit disturbing.  Flag-O-Rama is my Tumblr about crappy patriotic products, though I don’t update it often these days.

The Vault  (2000-2004)
These posts aren’t categorized, they’re a wide mixture of things that came from before I had a blog format for the site.  I go back and read them sometimes, because there’s a lot of stuff I’ve completely forgotten about!  Some of it is pretty cringeworthy, too.

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