Cassette tapes are hissing their way back into our hearts

No.  The most shit-tastic music format ever is now a nostalgia thing?  I have fond memories of playing tapes for most of my childhood and teenage life, but what a pain in the ass they are!  People say the same about vinyl, but your record player doesn't suck the record up into its hungry... Continue Reading →

Obama’s finger of Muslim terror!

I have a certain family member who subscribes to the "Obama's a Muslim" school of paranoid and irrational conservative thinking.  She knows -- for a fact! -- he's a Muslim, because he wears a ring that says so.  Well that's a new one for me, so I asked for details.  Apparently he wears a ring that... Continue Reading →

Congressman enjoys a tall glass of Popejuice™

Sometimes I wonder if I have too much fun at Christians' expense on here.  I'm fully aware that I tend to hammer on that topic a lot, and I'm sure turns more than a few people away from reading anything I write.  But then I come across a story like this's like Christmas.  This... Continue Reading →

Cosmetic surgery. Botox. For pets. Seriously.

What is WRONG with people?? Cosmetic Surgery and Botox for Pets a Growing Trend in South Korea Some of the popular procedures include tail shortening and ear trimming for dogs, to make them ‘cute’ with pointy ears. Fat reduction is another popular surgery, along with stretch marks removal, wrinkle smoothing, double eyelid removal and even... Continue Reading →

Foie Gras: cuisine pour les assholes

I do eat some meat (chicken and turkey 99% of the time), so in that way I'm contributing to the industrialized killing of animals, just like most of the rest of the country. However, there's a slight difference between that and eating something that resulted from an animal being force-fed until its organs nearly explode. Foie gras is simply... Continue Reading →

Kiddie couture: the latest trend for wealthy, self-absorbed parents

Yes, we all know that your kids are an extension of you, and that's your biggest problem.  You're programming them with a taste for the kind of ridiculously overpriced (and, I must say, quite hideous) clothing you somehow think they would naturally choose for themselves, but let's be honest:  it really just comes down to... Continue Reading →

A Nazi-themed party in a German restaurant? Heil-arious!

These WWII reenactment people see absolutely nothing wrong with having a Nazi dinner party and apparently have all kinds of justifications for why it's harmless and even necessary.  Yeah, sure...whatever helps you sleep at night.  My biggest question is:  why in the world would ANY German restaurant host an event like this?  Seriously. Fancy Midwestern... Continue Reading →

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