Use an app, tap a screen, save a life! (Not really)

This is another one of those stories I saved as a draft nearly two years ago and never got around to posting.  But since Planned Parenthood is such a hot news topic these days, this seems like a good time to share! This is akin to all those Facebook posts saying "Click LIKE on this... Continue Reading →

Pro-life or just anti-woman?

I don't know who Jim Wright is, but I'm now following him on Facebook because of this lovely bit of writing.  He puts anti-abortion conservatives on the spot with their own "pro-life" logic.  If you're really pro-life, you'd do exactly as he says and put womens' health first.  Otherwise you're just using politics and religion to... Continue Reading →

What can we learn from conservatives about women?

Not all conservative citizens feel this way, but it rings pretty damn true if you listen to what's been coming out of the mouths of 90% of the right-wing politicians.  And it's not just limited to women--they've got a thing against just about anyone who isn't a) straight b) white c) Christian.  It's getting pretty... Continue Reading →

GOP puts women and children first…when it comes to not giving a shit

Government Shutdown: 9 Million Moms And Babies At Risk As WIC Program Halts The government shutdown may be keeping National Parks closed and furloughed federal workers at home, but worse real-world effects could soon be felt by low-income mothers and their infants — already a marginalized group with unstable food supplies. Listening to these fucktards... Continue Reading →

Yes, Texas IS the worst state

Without Tampons Present, Texas Passes Restrictive Abortion Law After banning the presence of any female hygiene products from its Senate floor, Texas passed its restrictive abortion law last night, which will ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy as well as install new regulations that will most likely drive abortion clinics out of business. Another... Continue Reading →

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