Vista: A Craptacular Journey

We've heard so much about how much Windows Vista sucks that it's practically common knowledge by now.  I mean, they may as well include it on the packaging.  But if you've been lucky enough to avoid installing it (or having it come pre-installed on a new PC), this hilarious little video will explain Vista's enormous... Continue Reading →

On the geek front…

Oh dear, only a couple of days after Microsoft released its first Service Pack for Windows Vista, they're pulling it due to problems it's creating for users.  SP1 was supposed to fix stuff and make things better, not fuck them up for the poor suckers who are stuck with Vista.  Microsoft just can't seem to... Continue Reading →

Critical update!

OK, I've seen Microsoft patch one or two "critical" bugs in one update before.  It's pretty much a bi-weekly thing lately...their software is a veritable Swiss cheese of holes ripe for plunder by virii, worms, and phishers.  But ten critical patches in a single update??  Wow.  Perhaps the best way to plug all those... Continue Reading →

Boot me once, boot me twice…

The tech world is all atwitter today about Apple's public beta release of Boot Camp, a software package allowing you to (officially) load Windows XP on your new Intel Mac.  From what I've read, it's working amazingly well, with only a few minor glitches.  This is really something...the lines between the Windows and Mac worlds... Continue Reading →

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