Love, Struggle, and Syrup: A Starbucks Story

The Consumerist recently ran a mind-bendingly stupefying letter from a gay couple here in Seattle who love, love, love Starbucks.  In fact, Starbucks is so ingrained in their daily lives that when unusual circumstances led to one of them being denied raspberry syrup for his favorite drink (an Iced Venti Raspberry Soy Mocha, possibly the... Continue Reading →

The world’s infinite blathering

Social networking sites used to be kind fun.  It was an easy and free way to let old friends find you, a way to possibly find a mate, or just to keep in touch with your online buddies without having to email everybody.  Then MySpace came along, and suddenly every single person on the planet... Continue Reading →

Well, shitty-shitty shit-shit!

OK, this is downright ridiculous.  The media is completely freaking out today because Bush was caught on tape saying the word "shit" at the G8 conference.  Even the liberal blogs are going completely apeshit about it.  Are you people shitting me?  After all the shitty things this shitty President has done, everyone's got their shit... Continue Reading →

Does anyone actually care?

In other movie news, tragedy struck at the very heart of Hollywood when world-renowned thespian Rob Schneider collapsed on the set of his latest masterpiece: Schneider, who recently starred in "The Benchwarmers" and "Deuce Bigalow:  European Gigolo," is directing the new movie in which he plays Big Stan, a con man locked up on fraud... Continue Reading →

Sternly scolded

Poor Howard Stern.  He valiantly leaves "terrestrial" radio and heads for the blue skies of satellite broadcasting, making a huge deal of it and telling his former FM bosses to go fuck themselves...only to discover that listeners aren't following him there, or at least not in the numbers he was hoping for.  They're not signing... Continue Reading →

Enough already!

Oh, am I glad I don't watch T.V.  After several days of enduring uncontrolled, breathless online spewings about Katie Couric on every news site in existence, I can only imagine what you poor T.V. viewers out there are going through.  You folks must be swimming in this crap.  What's the big deal? She changed networks,... Continue Reading →

Today’s the day!

Yes, this is the day Seattle has been waiting 30 years for:  a chance to watch our beloved Seagulls Seahawks play in the one and only Super Bowl.  This is the day when millions of people (mostly past-their-prime aging husbands and their bored wives) will spend several hours watching big hulking mongoloids dressed in plastic... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl haiku (yes, really)

This Super Bowl thing is going to kill me.  There's a big Seagulls Seahawks rally here in downtown Seattle right now...people are shouting, cheering, chanting, whipping themselves into a football frenzy.  Do they really need to get more excited about Sunday's game?  It's starting to creep me out.  The moment these people begin the human... Continue Reading →

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