Will Left Behind be left behind?

In other whackjob news, remember that Christian videogame based on the Left Behind novels that was slated to come out soon?  Well, it's out...and Wal-Mart is already being petitioned to stop carrying it.  The best part is that several Christian groups are part of this campaign as well, disturbed by the convert-or-be-killed message of the... Continue Reading →

Friday quickies

CNet has some photos from this year's Blip Festival, where music geeks gather to celebrate the ancient art of 8-bit music.  They create and modify gadgets to make chip music, which probably sounds really cheesy to most people nowadays.  But I remember the days of demo disks (usually distributed by pirate groups) and I was... Continue Reading →

Coca-Cola: Wal-Mart’s new bitch

Whoah.  Wal-Mart recently brought the hammer down on Coca-Cola and their Powerade sports drink.  Basically Wal-Mart told Coke that unless it switches to a direct-to-warehouse delivery system, it will be replaced by Wal-Mart's own brand of sports drink.  Coke has been using the same distribution method (using bottling companies) for about a century, and in... Continue Reading →

Movie review: Wal-Mart

Last night I received "Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price" in the mail from Netflix, so Critter and I decided to give it a look.  Some of it was quite nasty: the cramped sweatshops, the intimidation of employees wanting to unionize (spying on them, following them around, eavesdropping, threatening, etc.), the enormous toll these... Continue Reading →

Richest poor company on the planet

According to today's Seattle Times, the state is subsidizing Wal-Mart's employee health care to the tune of $12 million. It cost the state an estimated $12 million in 2004 to provide government-subsidized health care to Wal-Mart employees, according to a state Senate analysis released Tuesday. The total was nearly double that amount if costs to... Continue Reading →

A series of unfortunate events…

This is quite tasteless...and yet, it makes me cackle with evil delight for other reasons.  Apparently Wal-Mart's website was recommending African-American themed DVDs to people who bought movies like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Planet of the Apes."  Yeah, it looks bad.  Is it a coincidence?  Most certainly.  Given the diversity of its shoppers... Continue Reading →

What America needs

You know, what the world needs is a few more Wal-Marts.  Hundreds, actually.  We still have too many towns with small local shops which need to be destroyed.  We have too many female workers who aren't feeling properly discriminated against.  We have too many shoppers who don't have anyone to decide what music and books... Continue Reading →

Big-Box Bingo

My friend Nicole sent me a sharply-written little commentary about how giant chain stores continue to eat up our smaller towns and turn them into ugly little strip-mall wastelands, devoid of variety and character.  We both grew up in a little town in Arizona which is slowly becoming this sort of Big Box scene, sucking... Continue Reading →

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