Turtle of Satan

Oh...my....GOD.  A pet store burns down and suddenly someone thinks they see Satan's image on the shell of the lone surviving turtle.  Naturally the owner believes it's a sign from the Devil that he's been up to no good.  He notes that its behavior hasn't changed...because, you know, it could turn into a raging demon... Continue Reading →

Salty holy relic treat

The attention whores at Golden Palace Casino are at it again, purchasing a Virgin Mary shaped pretzel just to get their name mentioned in a few more places.  You may remember them from the mystery envelope story the other day.  Sigh...do they really think this kind of thing will drive more people to use their... Continue Reading →

Blurry Visions

Like many others around the world, I had a hard time keeping a straight face while reading the following story.  In fact, I completely failed to keep a straight face...I outright cackled with contempt, much to the annoyance of my co-workers. Sydney Catholics flock to fence-post Virgin Mary 07 February 2003 SYDNEY: Catholics in the... Continue Reading →

Holy crap!

There it is...proof that God is on our side in this ordeal.  May His love bless each and every bomb as it kills the Bad People, leaving all others safe and free to bask in His glory! Oh, wait...it's not really a cross, it's just light being filtered through the fabric's pattern. DUH. Isn't this... Continue Reading →

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