Europe vacation photos

I just realized that I never posted a link to our Europe vacation photos from last year.  So for anyone interested, here you go.  There's a gallery for each day, so be sure and check out each one...those of you who actually like other people's vacation photos, that is. 🙂  If you just want the... Continue Reading →

Greetings from Prague

Have been traveling for the past week and a half, going thru Frankfurt, Munich, Dachau, and some other little towns before coming here.  What an incredible city, so beautiful despite being absolutely overrun with tourists.  Took a side-trip to Sedlec and saw the Bone Church, its something I'll never forget.  Tomorrow we head for Berlin for... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving in Swankville

This year for Critter's Thanksgiving family reunion we made a hellish trip to Naples, FL.  It was hellish because we had to stop in Boston first, with a three-hour layover, so we were pretty ragged by the time we finally got off the second flight.  We flew on JetBlue, which wasn't a bad experience at... Continue Reading →

Greetings from Florida

Critter and I are in Naples for his family reunion/Thanksgiving thing.   Am typing on my iPod like a dork...   The flights here were hellish, more on that later!   We'll be back next Saturday, hopefully with some good photos.   Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Europe vacation photos…finally

Uh...  I've had these posted for almost two weeks now and I completely forgot to put a link on here.  I'm a bad blogger. So now you can see the photo galleries in all their glory -- they all have some notes at the top with Wikipedia links for you curious ones, and most photos... Continue Reading →

We’re baaaaack!

Well, we flew back into the U.S. yesterday, safe and sound.  It was a great trip for the most part, but somehow I managed to catch a cold the last 2 days we were there, so the flight was kind of hellish in that regard.  10 hours of nose-blowing, sneezing, inexplicably nonstop gas, and occasional... Continue Reading →

7 days and counting

Well, next week we're off to Germany and Switzerland for two weeks!  We both really need this...  Critter is slaving away trying to get finished up with school so he can be rid of the UW forever, and I need something to shake me out of my ennui-fueled funk.  I even bought a new digital SLR... Continue Reading →

Back to reality

It was a fun trip, though more than 3 days in Vegas would be asking a bit too much.  We were excited to get there, but by the time our last day rolled around we couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Funny how that works.  I've posted a photo gallery of various stuff from... Continue Reading →

Update from Vague-Ass

Why do fancy hotels insist on charging for internet service?  Why??  I just don't get it...they make millions, but somehow they might go bankrupt if their guests check email or surf a bit.  So they charge $10/day for access.  Airports do this shit's greedy and unreasonable, dammit.  So I'm tapping away on my BlackBerry... Continue Reading →

The mystery vacation

For our third anniversary, Critter has booked a Secret Mystery Trip starting tomorrow.  He didn't tell me anything about it, though I pried some clues out of him (I won't tell you how) and deduced that we're going to Las Vegas.  Not sure what hotel we're staying at yet, but I'm working on it!  Apparently... Continue Reading →

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