37,000 PCs – 37,000 Microsoft licenses = Freedom + Savings

After switching 37,000 PCs to Ubuntu, French Armed Forces says open source cuts costs 40 percent That move to open source software certainly saves money, but it only goes so far when it all runs on Windows. So the French Gendarmerie decided to go a step further and in 2008 began moving from Windows to... Continue Reading →

Time for some De-Microsofting

In an effort to lead more of a Microsoft-free (and cheaper, less bloated) computing life, I've had to find some alternatives to the usual MS software standards.  So far it's working pretty well, though there are a few compromises. FIrst I dumped MS Word/Excel/Access months ago and installed OpenOffice instead.  Less bloat and zero cost,... Continue Reading →

The affair continues…

I'm still playin' around with Ubuntu, trying out various application themes and settling on a lovely theme called Gelatin.  For now, anyway.  I also installed Compiz Fusion for all the other neato graphical treats.  I don't use the multiple desktop thing but I do like the effect when flipping between them! 🙂 I'm also playing... Continue Reading →

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