God’s protection

Well, we're back from our jaunt through Italy, Croatia, and Greece.  It was a great trip to some beautiful places...  It was a cruise focusing on historical and archaeological destinations, so the median passenger age was 69...which means no screaming kids or drunk douchebags!  It was also a small ship with a max of 350... Continue Reading →

When brutal body stink becomes an act of terrorism

Shit, I can't wait for them to start doing this on Seattle's buses. There's only so much ass-pit-crotch stank we can handle before it becomes a public health threat. WASH YOURSELF, HIPSTER DOUCHEBAGS. Earlier this month, an American was removed from a flight operated by Canadian airline Jazz Air because of his "brutal" body odor. ... Continue Reading →

Greetings from Prague

Have been traveling for the past week and a half, going thru Frankfurt, Munich, Dachau, and some other little towns before coming here.  What an incredible city, so beautiful despite being absolutely overrun with tourists.  Took a side-trip to Sedlec and saw the Bone Church, its something I'll never forget.  Tomorrow we head for Berlin for... Continue Reading →

Turn that frown upside down…or the TSA will getcha

Despite the endless security-related hassles to be encountered while traveling nowadays, I've never been harassed much.  I've had pat-downs and bag-searches, had my camera bag tested for explosives, been questioned by moody Passport Guys, even yelled at by American border drones when coming back from Canada.  I also had my stick deodorant confiscated once, even... Continue Reading →

Dear holiday travelers:

How's your vacation so far?  Oh, frustrated with the crowds and lines at the airport, huh?  I hear ya.  Those security people must be taking their sweet time getting people through the gates.  Lazy bums, they're just trying to make us miss our flights! But wait...maybe it's not their fault after all.  Maybe they're simply... Continue Reading →

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