Dear God: your dangerously extremist followers are due for a smiting

This poppped up on Jeff Patcher's Musings yesterday, and I nearly fell off my chair. Tennessee county plans to take up a resolution begging god for mercy Tomorrow, Blount county Tennessee will take up a resolution which begs god for mercy.  It was written by Blount County commissioner Karen Miller and will come up for consideration at Tuesday... Continue Reading →

More dipshittery from the “No Gays Allowed” shop owner

Sigh.  Someone please give this guy a faceful of glitter. Tenn. store sells out of anti-gay merchandise Amyx said he has received bundles of hate mail after he posted a controversial “No Gays Allowed” sign outside his store in Washburn, about 20 miles northeast of Knoxville.  However, he says the sign has only brought more... Continue Reading →

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