Be blurry, foul temptresses!

Damn those women and their evil, tantalizing ways!  Our only option is to block the image of their filthy boobs with blurry glasses.  No, really. An ultra-Orthodox organization has developed a range of products to act as a first line of defense against the threat of seeing immodest women, Israeli media reported on Tuesday. In... Continue Reading →

Shocker: atheists are almost human

Check out this headline:  "Studies say atheists, believers both do good, but for different reasons."  Well, no shit.  Ya mean atheists don't just run around kicking babies and stomping on puppies?  Well I'll be ka-jiggered! Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley conducted three experiments that show less religious people perform acts of generosity more... Continue Reading →

97% of you will read this. 3% of you won’t because you’re assholes.

In today's edition of Stuff That's Not Important But Is Irritating Nonetheless... I've had it with these Facebook posts telling me to "like" a photo or share it in order to support some cause.  You know the ones:  "Show your support in the fight against [insert cause here] by sharing this!  97% of my friends... Continue Reading →

Scrubbing away the grease of lunatics

This is brilliant:  a bunch of delusional Christians "anointed" a road with oil in order to purify drivers in Christ's love, so a group of atheists went out there and scrubbed it clean. County Road 98 in Polk County, Fla., was scrubbed today by a group of atheists who are protesting the “Polk Under Prayer”... Continue Reading →

Theaters to punish those who don’t like 3-D

Christ.  If there's anything that will make me stop going to the movies forever, it's paying a higher price to not see a movie in 3-D.  I avoid watching new movies in 3-D whenever I can -- I think it's an expensive, gimmicky way to get people into theaters and it has very little payoff... Continue Reading →

America at the brink of total devastation due to appearance of middle finger on live television

Okay, I know I'm way late with this one but I created a draft post the day it happened and then promptly forgot all about finishing it up. 🙂 So everybody knows about MIA's flipping of the proverbial bird to the Super Bowl audience a couple of weeks ago.  The way the Parents Television Council... Continue Reading →

Wedding at Starbucks: an American dream

How romantic!  *gag*  Talk about scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel in taste and dignity.  This is almost (but not quite) as bad as that puke-inducing wedding at a Waffle House.  I wonder if the bride threw a scalding-hot drink over her head for some unlucky bridesmaid to catch.  That would actually be pretty awesome.... Continue Reading →

The Rapture: Take 2

Here we go again.  Not being content with being proven OH SO FUCKING EMBARRASSINGLY WRONG last May 21 when his Rapture prediction went completely limp, this crazy old coot is back once again saying the new Rapture is...tomorrow.  (If you're reading this, you weren't taken up to Heaven.  Sorry.  And congratulations.) Have you noticed a... Continue Reading →

Luke Skywalker = Jesus Christ! No, really!

Here's a great book for a coffee table...or the bathroom.  It claims to offer spiritual advice by comparing Christian teachings to "Star Wars".  I kid you not, this shit is real.  It's yet another example of Christians trying to make their religion cool, modern, and interesting to young people. We can lump this batshit craziness... Continue Reading →

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