Butt overload

So the smoking ban has been in effect here in Seattle since December, and so far we haven't descended into anarchy or a police state where human rights are trampled upon daily.  Smokers have not been hunted down and put into cages.  The sky is still firmly in place, last I checked.  Just as I... Continue Reading →

Smoked out, revisited (yet again)

I posted my thoughts on this subject to my LiveJournal this morning, since several of my friends on there are completely polarized on the issue.  I actually think that my LJ post was written much better and more clearly than yesterday's blog posting, especially since some people out there think I want to ban what... Continue Reading →

Smoked out, revisited (again)

Well!  Seattle just passed a sweeping smoking ban which forbids smoking in the workplace and public places.  It also forbids smoking within 25 feet of doors, vents, windows, etc.  I'm eagerly awaiting the fallout.  How will this affect the bars I like to frequent?  Will business drop?  Will smokers grudgingly leave the premises to light... Continue Reading →

Sweet deal

It's common knowledge that tobacco companies have kids in their crosshairs, attempting to hook them for life.  But this is just sick:  fruit and candy flavored cigarettes.  Oh, they're supposedly only for adults...I mean, why would any kid want something fruity and candy-like?  Absurd! Public health officials place a lot of blame on the nation's... Continue Reading →

Smoked out, revisited

Wow, this week's post about Seattle's possible smoke-free-ness for bars & clubs generated lots of good comments.  For the record, I wanted to address a few things. This issue is about restricting smoking in certain enclosed public spaces, not banning it outright, which would be silly (not to mention impossible).  This is not "Prohibition" like... Continue Reading →

Smoked out

Yesterday's Seattle PI had a great article about the growing possibility of Seattle's bars going smoke-free in the near future.  No offense to any smokers who read my daily blatherings, but this would be a very good thing, if ya ask me...anyone who goes out drinking & dancing in Seattle comes home smelling like they've... Continue Reading →

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