Fat, diseased children are happy children

Christ on a cracker!  McDonalds and PepsiCo are going to "help" write the UK's health policy.  You know, because they care so much about health and nutrition!  So this means Ronald Mc-fucking-Donald is going to be shaping their government's stance on what constitutes a healthy meal -- greasy, fatty meat will soon be considered to be just... Continue Reading →

Food-assisted suicide

Why am I not surprised that this shit-tastic restaurant resides in Arizona?  (Because Arizona has lost its tiny little mind the past couple of years, that's why!)  And people wonder why healthcare costs are so high.  Jesus. The menu includes unfiltered cigarettes and milkshakes reputed to have the highest fat content in the world, but... Continue Reading →

Caca Cola

Whoah.  Just in case you needed another reason not to eat at fast food restaurants, you might want to check out this story about fast-food ice being dirtier than toilet water.  The fast food industry just can't a break nowadays, can it?  But hey...maybe feces don't taste so bad when coated with high-fructose corn syrup!

Ronald and Mario…together at last.

So McDonald's is partnering with Nintendo to add wi-fi access to their restaurants, allowing Nintendo DS owners to play online with people all over the world.  My first reaction, being a new DS geek, was "Wow, that's kinda cool!"  Then the realization hit me that this is McDonald's we're talking about.  The thought of having... Continue Reading →


I recently got an email from reader Stephen Locking which alerted me to the YumChums website, a horrific marriage of fast food and kiddie cartoons.  It really is an absurd bit of entertainment if you have a few minutes to waste!  McDonald's is really pushing this healthy kids stuff hard...  I had discovered the YumChums... Continue Reading →

Ronald’s McMakeover?

The folks at McDonald's are at it again, in another desperate attempt to polish their image as global pushers of McCrap.  This time they're giving the clown a makeover, although I'm not sure if this is only for the UK market or if we'll get to see such silliness here.  Personally I can't wait to... Continue Reading →

One BBQ Burger, please…hold the brain.

In a world where you can easily find free hardcore porn with just a little Googling or trolling thru Usenet, it's amazes me that there are so many hard-up straight guys out there who are absolutely dying to gawk at Paris Hilton's bikini boobs...enough to crash the Carl's Jr. website, even.  Jesus!  Is this woman... Continue Reading →

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