Two-factor authentication: just do it!

Here's a fun little story.  A friend of mine, a guy in his mid-60's, lives in one of those apartment complexes for seniors.  The complex has a "business center" near the lobby where there are a few PCs set up as well as wifi.  He doesn't have internet in his apartment, so whenever he wants to do something... Continue Reading →

A note to those downloading “Fear The Walking Dead” episodes

...or anything else, for that matter.  Remember, kids:  always use a trusted and proven VPN.  It's the safe sex of online intercourse.  So to speak. AMC Chases "Fear The Walking Dead" Pirates AMC has sent a slew of warnings to Internet subscribers whose connections were used to download episodes of the new "Fear The Walking Dead"... Continue Reading →

Brown is the color of evildoers

God(s) help you if you're flying into or around America nowadays and you have brown skin.  You're especially fucked if your last name sounds even vagely foreign and your lineage doesn't meet the U.S. Government's standards.  These two horror stories spell it out as clearly as any:  America is suffering from a sickness of paranoia... Continue Reading →

Privacy is becoming the new terrorism

The government-waged war on privacy is getting more and more ridiculous.  Turns out you can do pretty much anything you want if you can tie it to the Big Three Threats to civilization:  terrorism, child porn, and music piracy. F'rinstance, U.S. border guards are now allowed to snoop through your laptop whenever they feel like... Continue Reading →

Is nowhere safe? (Revisited)

A short follow-up to the original post... According to a post on Wired, back in 2006 British Telecom was secretly infecting its customers' PCs with spyware which injected targeted advertising into every website they surfed.  That means even mundane things like checking your bank account balance was disrupted by flashing banners for dating services and... Continue Reading →

Turn that frown upside down…or the TSA will getcha

Despite the endless security-related hassles to be encountered while traveling nowadays, I've never been harassed much.  I've had pat-downs and bag-searches, had my camera bag tested for explosives, been questioned by moody Passport Guys, even yelled at by American border drones when coming back from Canada.  I also had my stick deodorant confiscated once, even... Continue Reading →

Safety, shmafety

Tony Parsons rips today's airline "security" a new asshole in his latest piece for the Mirror.  It's a fun read, a snippy mixture of disdain for certain American types and the knee-jerk nature of these latest security rules.  He's obviously not having any of it: At all those American airports, did I feel secure when... Continue Reading →

Unfriendly skies

Holy shit.  This airplane terror plot over in London is just unbelievable.  What a lovely world we live in, hmmm?  It's a scary thought that these psychos can conceivably kill vast amounts of people using carefully-concealed, homemade liquid explosives.  We're not passing through London on our way to Germany at the end of August, but... Continue Reading →

Fair & balanced…really!

Oh, this is delicious.  Taking a page from the pharmaceutical companies and their "objective" drug studies, Microsoft actually funded the security report from a few months ago which concluded that Windows is safer and more secure than Linux and other operating systems.  Hah!  How in the world can they think that nobody would notice or... Continue Reading →

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