Farewell to a disgustingly awesome Seattle institution

Seattle's gum wall has been my favorite thing to show new visitors, it's such a weird and unique thing.  Super gross, too, but that's part of its charm.  And now 20 years' worth of gum has been removed, allegedly because it's eating away the brick.  Dammit!  Time to start a new one, I'd say. Seattle’s Pike... Continue Reading →

Get off my gay lawn!

The gay population of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood has declined dramatically in the past 10 years for various reasons.  It's not the gay epicenter it once was, which makes a lot of us sad because it used to kinda be "our" place where we knew we could go into a bar and find like-minded people.  Now it's home to... Continue Reading →

The wheels of the bus go fap, fap, fap…

Ohhhh dear. Seattle police: Masturbating driver targeted Metro passengers A Seattle driver accused of masturbating behind the wheel while gawking at a woman on a passing Metro bus has been charged with indecent exposure. King County prosecutors contend Jeffrey Robertson exposed himself to the woman shortly before 7 a.m. on Aug. 21 while stuck in traffic... Continue Reading →

Two more for the bus list

My list of annoying busfolk has been updated with a couple of new, twatty entries. 🙂 The Compulsive Laptopper - Five seconds after they're situated themselves in their seat, they're unzipping/unbuttoning/ripping open their laptop bags and pulling out the ol' workhorse.  And no matter how bumpy or jerky the ride might be, they'll insist on... Continue Reading →

Finally, an end to the Yellow Pages…sort of

We Seattleites will soon be able to opt-out of receiving the Yellow Pages.  YES!  It's about goddamn time, too -- personally, I haven't cracked a Yellow Pages since the mid-90's.  The minute I see one on my doorstep, I walk right over and dump it into the recycling bin.  It's obsolete and wasteful, and it needs to... Continue Reading →

Green Lake – 12/12/09

Yesterday I found some photos from last year I had forgotten to put in my galleries.  They're from a walk we took around Green Lake on a chilly winter day.  It was bitterly cold but the late afternoon light was lovely, and a bizarre wedge-shaped cloudbank eventually overtook the sky.  They're online now but here's one of... Continue Reading →

Bad bus rider of the day

Sure, go right ahead and use that empty bus seat next to you for your giant ugly bag, lady.  It's not like the bus gets crowded for the morning commute or anything.  And besides, it's YOUR personal storage space, go ahead and spread your sizeable self out while you play Bejeweled 2 on your iPhone.  No... Continue Reading →

SHOCKER: Trains can kill!

Seattle was rocked by yesterday's announcement that lounging on railroad tracks for fun can get you smooshed by a train.  Indeed, these are times of amazement and discovery!  And just get a load of this brilliant quote: We've got different amusements, different types of things that, you know, that kind of satisfy us and amuse us.  We... Continue Reading →

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