Satan’s bloggers

OK, this is truly despicable.  Joining hands with the evilness of viral and "buzz" advertising, many bloggers out there are actually taking money to talk about products without officially advertising them.  They fill their blogs with bullshit posts about how much they just LOVE their new George Foreman Ultra-Wide Fat-Bustin' Grill, or how wonderful it... Continue Reading →

Tweakin’ 4 Jesus

Oh, what fun!  Rev. Ted Haggard says he contacted a male prostitute and bought meth from him, but only got a "massage" and threw out the drugs.  Uh-huh.  Yeah, Clinton tried that "I didn't inhale" shit, too.  Just who do you think you're fooling, Reverend Tweeker?  Admit it:  once a month you got jacked-up on... Continue Reading →

Christian values at their finest

The news about Republican Rep. Mark Foley's endless flirtations (and possible sexcapades) with underage boys in online chatrooms is old news since Friday, but I still have to mention it.  Yes, I must...because few things give me more joy than seeing Republicans squirm and sweat after one of their flock goes down in icky, lecherous... Continue Reading →

Abercrombie & Fitch’s big fat emergency

Abercrombie & Fitch have donated $10 million to Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH to help build a new ER.  Yeah, that's great news, and a generous gift!  However, as with all corporate donations, there's a  catch.  The name of the new facility is to be -- are you ready for this? -- the Abercrombie &... Continue Reading →

They don’t call it AOHell for nothing.

OK, this is an internet and TV sensation at the moment, but I still wanted to mention it in case someone out there hasn't heard about...the AOL Customer Rep from Hell.  Some poor shmuck tried to cancel an AOL account and was met with incredible resistance from one of their Customer Retention reps.  He recorded... Continue Reading →

You WILL watch.

The story that has the techie blogs all atwitter at the moment is about a new technology being developed by Philips which would, if deployed, keep you from changing channels during T.V. commercials.  From the patent: 1) prevents a viewer of a direct (nonrecorded) broadcast from switching channels when an advertisement is displayed and (2)... Continue Reading →

Down, boy!

The big news this weekend was that insufferable asshole Tom DeLay finally stepped down from his position as Majority Leader in face of alllll sorts of fun corruption charges.  He should have done this months ago, but instead has stupidly insisted that he's innocent.  Today, the highest criminal court in Texas refused to dismiss the... Continue Reading →

Beware the pandhandlers

OK, this may not be illegal but it's sleazy as hell.  A Washington State Trooper has been posing as a homeless man on busy street corners.  When he spots someone without a seat belt on, he radios to his pals down the road and they pull the driver over to give him/her a ticket.  At... Continue Reading →

Speaking of parasites…

This is somewhat amusing...  A dermatologist in California has been claiming to have a new "miracle treatment" for head lice with a 96% cure rate.  He has been charging almost $300/treatment to parents who don't want to bother with prescription treatments (though I can't imagine they're this expensive).  He tried to sell his treatment to... Continue Reading →

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