FYI: tonight’s weirdness in the sky is not supernatural in any way

Heads up, folks!  Some scientists are going to do some sciencey stuff tonight which will lead to weirdly colorful clouds.  If you see something like that in the sky, it is not: A U.F.O. The Rapture (finally) Buddha descending on a unicorn Kanye West's monstrous ego coming to devour us all Thank you in advance... Continue Reading →

A blessed visit from the Holy Water Vapor

Oh for fuck's sake.  Honestly, people, you need to get a grip on reality here.  Sorry, but this stuff just drives me bonkers...  Just because the clouds do something you've never seen before doesn't mean it's a sign from God or that the "end times" are near.  Even if it was a sign, what is... Continue Reading →

Solar energy by the roll?

Imagine buying a roll of solar cells and slapping it on a wall or window to collect energy.  What a fantastic invention this could turn out to be, if it works as well as they're hoping!  We'll probably have to wait a few years before they're sold commercially, but the possibilities are pretty enticing.  On a somewhat-related... Continue Reading →

No, science shows don’t need to be “balanced” with mystical counterpoints

This is quite hilarious.  So you have your religious panties in a knot because a show based on science doesn't feature unprovable, untestable, philosophical, non-science topics?  This is why you go out and make your own show which proves the universe was created by the magical invisible sky god.  I'm dying to see some of your... Continue Reading →

Sciencey is not science

Ask for Evidence: demanding facts for sciencey claims Victoria from the UK's Sense About Science writes in with news about its Ask For Evidence campaign, a structured system for demanding evidence of sciencey-sounding claims from governments and companies, such as claims that wheatgrass drinks accomplish something called "detox" (whatever that is). The campaign has been remarkably successful... Continue Reading →

From Birthers to Flat-Earthers: Conservatards Continue their De-Evolutuion

A recent study shows that conservatives have increasingly lost faith in science since the 70's.  Ha!  No shit, right?  But how can you "lose faith" in science when it doesn't even require faith in order to see it in action?  Science simply is, whether you believe in it or not, and it evolves along with... Continue Reading →

“Stupid fucking conservatives” no longer just flippant opinion

All across America, right-wing hatebags are having a collective conniption -- a rather stupid conniption, at that! There's no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy. The research finds that children with low... Continue Reading →

What? You mean Adam and Eve weren’t real??

This is fascinating:  science finally begins to unravel Bible stories among believers.  I mean, the idea of all of humanity spawning from two people (one of whom magically created from the other's rib) is simply preposterous, but people actually believe this stuff as if it's 100% fact!  But now some cracks are beginning to show as Christian... Continue Reading →

Space billowings

Awe-inspiring glimpse into the makings of the universe.  When you think in "geologic time", the human race really is a flash in the pan, isn't it? When I first saw these never-before-seen time-lapse videos—captured over the course of 14 years by the Hubble Space Telescope—I just couldnt believe my eyes. Hubble photos can be beautiful,... Continue Reading →

Catholic Church: “Galileo was wrong. Also, Santa is real!”

I guess it's asking just a tad too much to ask the Church to accept proven science.  No, they're busy retreating back to the Dark Ages, and with supposedly sciency info to back it up:  they're now saying the universe revolves around the Earth.  What the what??  Here, read the conference pamphlet (.pdf) for yourself. ... Continue Reading →

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