Chillin’ with Xenu

Critter recently pointed me to Rolling Stone's mind-boggling exploration of Scientology, and I have to admit that I'm stunned.  I've read many stories about this cult in the past (TIME Magazine's "Cult of Greed" was a good one, as well as anything at Operation Clambake), but this one is one of the best and most... Continue Reading →

Kablahblah Caca!

Oh, this is just delicious...and it's been a long time coming, I might add.  The authorities finally arrested the fraudulent scumbag in charge of the Kablahblah Center.  Yes, he's guru worshipped by Madonna and countless other rich celebrity types who are spiritually vacant and looking for something to fill the void...  Usually that void was... Continue Reading →

Virtually scammed

This is fascinating:  we all get "phishing" spam which tries to fool us into giving up our bank account or PayPal information, allowing scammers to empty our accounts.  It happens all the time nowadays.  But now they're getting more specific and targeting online multiplayer gamers, trying to dupe them into giving up login information in... Continue Reading →


Unbelievable! Some asshole company managed to get ahold of the number 800-RED-CROSS and hold it hostage, then tried to sell it to the Red Cross for a 6-figure sum.  Granted, this is something the Red Cross should have registered ages ago, and they admit their mistake by not getting to it first...but this is not... Continue Reading →

Take my money, please!

Madonna has just opened up a Kablahblah Hotel for followers of the, sect.  This stuff is obviously the new Scientology, just another vampiric religious group roping in disillusioned stars and sucking their bank accounts dry.  And yet, it doesn't really bother me all that much! PLANNED: If Madonna's prayers are answered, she'll open a Kabbalah... Continue Reading →

Free!* No, really!**

It's fun (and sort of pathetic) to read about how gullible people can be whenever something "free" is offered.  We should know by now that when someone says "Hey, want a free iPod?" it's not really free.  Those banner ads for free iPods are all over the web, and people fall for it all the... Continue Reading →

Useless .info

I should have known something was up a couple of months ago when I suddenly noticed that a website called was mysteriously registered in my name...complete with address and other contact info.  Now, I didn't register this thing...they obviously pilfered the information from my registration.  But why?  Why would someone give me a... Continue Reading →

Evil Online

BookedSpace is a company is so evil that its "corporate website" consists of a blurb about how you should love them...along with a tool for removing their hellish, parasitic spyware from your PC.  They obviously got so many complaints and bad press about their assholery that they put this up to placate everyone who wants... Continue Reading →

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