Longtime cigar-sucker somehow gets cancer

So Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer. Well, isn't that interesting. Here's my little personal history with this guy. In the early 90's, when I left home and moved to Phoenix to do the college thing, I discovered Rush on the radio. To my small-town mind, which hadn't been exposed to a lot of politics (and... Continue Reading →

2 shitbirds, 1 stone

Rush Limbaugh And Sean Hannity Booted From Airwaves By Second Largest Radio Broadcaster With over 2,700 sponsors removing their ads from Limbaugh’s show and the millions of dollars it has cost, it was only a matter of time before a major radio distributor dropped the program in favor of a show that isn’t overwhelmingly boycotted.... Continue Reading →

Rush Limpballs: “What recession?”

Right-wing turdball Rush Limbaugh doesn't think we're in a recession simply because he's got a $400 million contract and the economy couldn't possibly be suffering if it can support that.  Holy shit, is this guy still poppin' painkillers with every meal?  Why else does he think thousands of people are being laid off around the... Continue Reading →

Erection Day

Oh, people certainly are atwitter today about Rush Limbaugh's Viagra incident.  He's claiming that the prescription was written in his doctor's name "for privacy purposes."  Well that worked out nicely, didn't it? But really...the more we talk about it, the more we experience graphic, grotestque mental images of Rush's piggly-wiggly little cocktail sausage rising from... Continue Reading →

iPod Rush

Constipated iPod users, rejoice!  Starting on December 12, you will be able to download Rush Limbaugh video clips directly to your iPod.  These clips are guaranteed to blow your bowels completely open and fill you with 100% pure Grade A conservative bullshit.  Abandon every last shred of rational thought you may have left in your... Continue Reading →

Rush Limbaugh’s Weekly Schedule

I wrote this when Clinton was in the White House, so it's a tad outdated.  However, this can be updated by simply substituting the Clintons with other Democrats in the table below.  Then throw in some "Dubya will save us all" stuff, and you've got yourself a perfect Limbaugh radio schedule! 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.... Continue Reading →

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