Dubai’s hilarious, endless bad day

Dubai's famous man-made islands ("The World"), built to please rich twats of the actual world, are sinking back into the ocean.  Bwaaa-haaa!  This is the same kind of schadenfreude I get when a sinkhole opens up and swallows a SUV.  It's like Nature is tapping us on the shoulder, reminding us who's really boss around... Continue Reading →

For the brat who has everything

What do you buy for your spoiled little spawn when you have many thousands of dollars just sitting around, waiting to be spent?  Why, you buy him his own SUV.  What, SUVs are too big?  Not anymore!  Here comes the Junior Off Roader, an SUV for the cute lil' tykes who want to guzzle gas,... Continue Reading →

Pump up da house!

In keeping with the whole "everything on steroids" thing, yesterday's Seattle PI had a story about these new houses on steroids which have been springing up around town for the past couple of years.  You know it when you see it:  you're driving through a quaint little neighborhood with lots of small or average-sized houses,... Continue Reading →

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