Stick this instead

Looking for an answer to all those yellow Support Our Troops ribbons?  Too embarrassed to buy one of those Support Our Poops ones?  Well, here's a nice alternative:  the QuestionWar Ribbon.  Because, you know, you can support the troops and still object to what they are being made to do by corrupt government scumbags certain... Continue Reading →

No flight of fancy

The recent story about a woman who was booted off an airplane because of her political T-shirt is no doubt causing waves out there (I've honestly been too busy to check!).  I think it was a bit extreme to throw her off the flight just because she was wearing a shirt that will surely offend... Continue Reading →

The Raging Invisible

A group of bluehairs in Tucson (land of my birth) calling themselves the Raging Grannies have been pestering a local recruiting office in an attempt to get shipped off to Iraq.  They're against the war and want to take the place of their children and grandchildren who are currently stationed over there.  It sounds like... Continue Reading →

The war on bumperstickers

Looks like three Denver residents were ejected from one of Bush's propaganda "town meetings" the other day because they had one of those "No Blood for Oil" bumperstickers on their car.  So much for free speech.  They were actually ushered out of the auditorium because someone thought they might have caused a disruption, not because... Continue Reading →

Abu Ghraib Frat Party

A fun little site called The Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane is featuring several videos of a protest they staged called "The Abu Ghraib Frat Party" (scroll down a bit to find it).  This is fun stuff, folks!  And look at those huge, detailed masks of the politicians...these guys are dedicated.  Thanks to... Continue Reading →

Tiny rebellions

The NYT just ran an excellent story about various ways (and reasons) that people rebel against small annoyances in everyday life.  Some people mail subscription cards back blank just to use up the magazine's postage, others (like myself) immediately hit "0" when dialing a customer service line because we know that the "Please listen carefully... Continue Reading →

Thongs of protest

OK, this is one of the cleverest protest actions I've ever seen.  Six guys in Harrisburg, PA got the bright idea to strip down to their undies and form a human pile similar to the one that U.S. soldiers forced Iraqi prisoners to make in those notorious prison abuse photos.  And they did this while... Continue Reading →

Keep your grief to yourself.

How sad that interrupting the First Lady (because her husband sent your son off to die in a war based on lies and oil greed) can get you arrested, instead of merely removed from the premises.  And note how they kind of dismiss her as a grief-stricken, incoherent mess instead of someone who has actual... Continue Reading →

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