Whip those photos into shape!

Digital photography makes it easy to take as many photos as you want, but unless you gain some control of all those photos, you’re likely going to run into storage space issues and you might also have a hell of a time finding the one you want someday.  If you take your photos seriously, you... Continue Reading →

Tina Turner pics are up

From last week's show in Phoenix...  They're not my best because they were taken with my cellphone, but some are pretty good.  Critter traded up our tickets from the 12th row to the 2nd, so we had a great view!  So check out the photo gallery for the best ones. I was very impressed with... Continue Reading →

Europe vacation photos…finally

Uh...  I've had these posted for almost two weeks now and I completely forgot to put a link on here.  I'm a bad blogger. So now you can see the photo galleries in all their glory -- they all have some notes at the top with Wikipedia links for you curious ones, and most photos... Continue Reading →

My Night as a Faux Pro

Last week we went to the True Colors show here in Seattle, and it was a blast as expected.  Nona Hendryx, Joan Armatrading, The B-52s, and Cyndi Lauper each played a set, with stand-up comedy bits in between by Carson Kressley and Rosie O'Donnell.  Critter got us VIP tickets which included meeting Cyndi and getting... Continue Reading →

Flickr freak-out

Looks like the MySpace of photo sharing Flickr has finally added video capability, and predictably, it's pissing off Flickr devotees.  They're signing petitions and creating protest photo galleries and everything.  Ahhh, it's always fun to see the Flickr "community" get stirred up like someone kicked their anthill.  They're so earnest about it:  "This is the... Continue Reading →

Jill Scott!

Due to excessive laziness/forgetfulness/drunkenness (kidding) I haven't posted a link to my Jill Scott photos from her recent tour kick-off show here in Seattle.  Check out the photos, and also swing by my profile on YouTube to see the video clips (there are two at 10 minutes each).  She's a hoot, and she sang her... Continue Reading →

AZ pics finally online

I keep forgetting to blog this!  My photos from our recent trip down to Arizona are online.  I've split them into two galleries because one needs a gallery of its own.  The first one is general pics from the trip:  lots of cool sights out the plane window (some of the best I've taken), some... Continue Reading →

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