Red States: Dirty, Dirty, Dirty!

Does it really surprise anyone that the people who preach so much against sex and "perversion" like homosexuality -- mostly those repressed Bible-thumpin' conservative nutjobs -- consume most of America's porn?  Ohhh yes, this just confirms what everyone always suspected:  these assholes are just as horny and in need of sexual relief as the rest of... Continue Reading →

Homo Huntin’

Uh-oh!  The GOP has been vastly embarrassed by Rep. Mark Foley's online chats with the kiddies (and the news that they chose to ignore it), so get ready for Capitol Hill Gay Homosexual Witch Hunt 2007!  They're going to rat out every possible homo on the Hill so they can be properly ridiculed and ostracized... Continue Reading →

Christian values at their finest

The news about Republican Rep. Mark Foley's endless flirtations (and possible sexcapades) with underage boys in online chatrooms is old news since Friday, but I still have to mention it.  Yes, I must...because few things give me more joy than seeing Republicans squirm and sweat after one of their flock goes down in icky, lecherous... Continue Reading →

Porn Scout confesses

The news is out:  the Scumbag Scout (ex) Douglas S. Smith just confessed to downloading and spreading child porn. FORT WORTH, Texas (CNN) -- A former top official of the Boy Scouts of America pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of receiving and distributing child pornography, including pictures of boys younger than 12. Douglas S.... Continue Reading →

Porn Scout

La la la, it's such a fun day for seeing the mighty fall.  Now we have a gloriously snortworthy story about a former Boy Scouts high priest who is being charged with downloading child porn.  Is this the same guy who was the Chairman of the Youth Protection Task Force?  Why, it sure is!  ... Continue Reading →

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