Baby Thanos will destroy 50% of his toys

So... Naming your kid after Marvel characters is now a thing, I guess. These Marvel Baby Names Are Getting More PopularGiven that parents draw baby name ideas from countless sources, it’s no surprise that the Marvel world is now one of them. The U.S. Social Security Administration tracks the baby names given to five or... Continue Reading →

Can we make this a national trend, please?

According to this story, a restaurant owner in NC put up a sign warning parents that they'll be booted from the restaurant if they can't keep their kids quiet.  Brilliant!  And guess what else?  Buiness is booming! Of course, being a queer gay homosexual I haven't experienced the "joys" of parenthood myself (and have no desire to).  But I... Continue Reading →

A red herring for clueless parents

An utterly ridiculous story has emerged from the Panicked Parents division of the media claiming that the Nintendo DS can attract child molesters.  Apparently when your kid hops into a PictoChat room, which has a wireless range of about 50 feet (it's not on the internet), pedophiles will automatically tune in and attack.  Well, that's... Continue Reading →

Our fat kids don’t need no stretchin’!

Christ!  Some churchies up in Canada are claiming that teaching yoga to kids is religious indoctrination.  One woman said that she "doesn't want her children exposed to another religion during class time."  Oh, it's another religion she's worried about, hmmm?  I suppose she'd be just fine if they taught these kids Bible verses.  Regardless, yoga... Continue Reading →

Next on NBC: “Bored Housewives”

A couple of weeks ago I flagged an article with the title Sorry, but my children bore me to death! The title says it all, and I was immediately intrigued.  I think I spotted it on the Drudge Report with a tagline "SHOCKER: Woman bored by her kids!"  Yeah, that's shocking all right.  Typical Drudge.... Continue Reading →

Make room for b@by!

If you thought some parents treat their kids like little cult objects now, wait till these folks kick into high gear.  The latest trend is to register website domains and email addresses in the child's name...before the child is even born.  This is very, very scary to me.  I actually fear for these kids who... Continue Reading →

Idiot at the Wheel

OK, what's up with the sudden resurgence of the "Baby on Board" bullshit?  Suddenly I'm seeing these signs in car windows again.  They disappeared, from what I can tell, back in the mid-90' why are they coming back?  Maybe it's just pretentious parents in Seattle who are starting to use them again.  Today's example was... Continue Reading →

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