Turn that frown upside down…or the TSA will getcha

Despite the endless security-related hassles to be encountered while traveling nowadays, I've never been harassed much.  I've had pat-downs and bag-searches, had my camera bag tested for explosives, been questioned by moody Passport Guys, even yelled at by American border drones when coming back from Canada.  I also had my stick deodorant confiscated once, even... Continue Reading →

Support him…or else.

What constitutes a threat to the President?  Say, a guy in the crowd with a gun?  A bomb threat?  Sure.  But what about making a thumbs-down sign next to a picture of Bush, and then having your photo taken?  Oh, that's far worse than anything Osama bin Laden could have come up with, no doubt... Continue Reading →

Brown Alert

Well, isn't this interesting.  Tom Ridge now says that the government elevated terror threat levels when the threats didn't justify it.  Of course, many people suspected this was the case every time we heard about a scary new Orange Alert, because they seemed to be happening far too often.  They were obviously using it to... Continue Reading →

Loud noise is doubeplusungood

Would you like to have your local government monitor your home (read: spy on you) to determine if you're being too noisy?  We've all had to deal with noisy neighbors now & then, but Westminster has a plan to install microphones on lightposts which will sniff out who's causing too much noise. “Using the new... Continue Reading →

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