The GOP death cult is coming for you

I took this in the Czech Republic in 2009. Fitting, hmmm? Every day for the last couple of months we've been seeing more and more stories about proud, patriotic, mask-hating idiots following the herd over the COVID cliff.  This, folks, is why it's a death cult.  It's as if they're wanting to get sick, hoping... Continue Reading →

It all comes back to him

I tend to make sweeping generalizations in my posts, usually for simplicity (but sometimes just for spite). However, in this case I'm going to declare it 100% justified when I say that Trump has played the biggest part in the three scariest threats (in my opinion) we face in this raging American dumpster fire: distrust... Continue Reading →

Yes, supporting Trump makes you a shitty person

Don't you just love generalizations? But in this case I think it's justified. And just FYI I've been stewing about this for many months, so if I come across as angry or hateful, well...let's just say Trump and his simpering fans bring out the worst in me. 😀 Over the past couple of years I've... Continue Reading →

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