Space billowings

Awe-inspiring glimpse into the makings of the universe.  When you think in "geologic time", the human race really is a flash in the pan, isn't it? When I first saw these never-before-seen time-lapse videos—captured over the course of 14 years by the Hubble Space Telescope—I just couldnt believe my eyes. Hubble photos can be beautiful,... Continue Reading →


Holy fuckin' shitballs, folks!  700 cats.  SEVEN HUNDRED!  That's how many they found in a house in Flordia.  700 goddamn cats. Now, this site is no stranger to cat hoarding.  Well, that is...I've been posting stories about cat hoarding for a few years:  once in 2003 (171 cats), again in 2004 (200 cats), yet again in 2005 (300+ cats), and the last... Continue Reading →

Weekend Nazi

Ohhhh dear.  Is that what we can expect from the Tea Party?  And here I was starting to think they had become boring.  Yeah, suuuure it's just WWII reenactments and cosplay.  Nice. An election year already notable for its menagerie of extreme and unusual candidates can add another one:  Rich Iott, the Republican nominee for... Continue Reading →

Sweet, delicious eye goo!

What the fuckity-fuck??  This is revolting!  I hardly ever buy candy in the first place, but why would I buy that candy now?  (On the other hand, the ad definitely works for memory retention...) Here's the latest oddball candy advertising—a 90-second Fruit Gushers video from Saatchi & Saatchi (supposedly Gerry Graf's last piece of work... Continue Reading →

This ministry specializes in PROBING.

While poking around on the Christian search engine SeekFind for cheap kicks, I ran across a site for Probe Ministries.  That's right:  PROBE.  Say, isn't excessive probing what gets those priests and pastors in so much trouble with the law?  And look at the logo!  Is that supposed to be a sexual joke or am I... Continue Reading →

A-Bomb cake controversy

Fascinating!  At first I thought this couldn't possibly be real, but apparently it is.  I found a couple of original newspaper articles about it (here and here) on Google News which are quite interesting. The entire function would have occurred without notice had it not been for the presence of a photographer from the prestigious Harris... Continue Reading →

Bring on the midgets

I spotted this UNBELIEVABLE poster in Reno on the door of the Cal Neva Casino.  Take a moment to look at it closely...let it alllll sink in.  It's just a train wreck of OMGs.  (I especially like the one who looks like Marilyn Manson.)

Epic traffic jam in China

Holy fuckin' shitballs.  I thought today's glacially slow bus commute (almost an hour, normally 10 minutes) was irritating, but now I feel soooo much better.  In China there is a traffic jam which is currently entering its 9th day.  NINE GODDAMN DAYS!  And 60+ miles. I wonder how much of the area around the rural bits... Continue Reading →

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