Scammed and spammed? Welcome to MySpace!

Oh, this is delicious.  An epidemic outbreak of a spamming worm has been wreaking havoc on idiot MySpace users who don't know the risks of clicking on suspicious links from strangers.  The punishment?  Relentless spamming of their Friends network.  Ho-ho, that's brilliant!  Here's an example of one of the scam messages that these dumbass users... Continue Reading →

MySpace: the honeymoon is still over

Oh boy, look out...the MySpace kiddies are starting to get restless.  Apparently the Powers That Be are gradually limiting members' ability to put non-MySpace widgets on their profiles.  Gasp! This means if you want to stream the latest chapter of your angsty video diary or share that weepy song you sang to your ex-girlfriend while... Continue Reading →

Welcome to ScumSpace

The collective IQ of MySpace has just dropped another dozen points (in my snickering little mind, anyway) after reading about how much success the subhuman marketing shills are having with their sleazy, sneaky tactics: For example, Wendy's has a profile page for a character named "Smart," a 28-year-old male from New York whose interests include... Continue Reading →

Wednesday quickies

I guess it was only a matter of time before the military started using MySpace to recruit new cogs into the war machine.  Their numbers are down and they're being shooed off school campuses (campii?), so naturally they're going to tap the vast wasteland of MySpace for potential recruits. *shudder*  After years of griping... Continue Reading →

Girlz with gunz want to meet U!

Here's yet another sordid (and entertaining) tale in the MySpace legacy:  some lonely guy got on MySpace and chatted up what he thought was a hot chick who wanted to have some fun.  After a couple of weeks he agreed to meet her at her apartment.  But lo and behold, he found himself being held... Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam: sniffing your virtual panties

One more reason to avoid MySpace:  the Pentagon wants to get to know you.  Intimately.  No, more than intimately.  They're going to create an all-encompassing profile on you by trolling social networking sites for your personal details: daily activities, friends & acquaintances, favorite music/books/movies/hangouts, political views, job information, photographs, videos, etc.  Bascially, whatever personal info... Continue Reading →

Hijacking MySpace for fun and profit

It was only a matter of time, but it looks like the marketing scumbags are kicking their bullshittery into high gear on MySpace.  They're breaking rules, mining personal data, and pretending to be peoples' friends in order to get their names seen and their wares sold.  It's fuckin' sick and manipulative: Using special tools, marketers... Continue Reading →

Not your space after all…

Well! Since Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace recently, it seems he's been busy censoring its users when they discuss rival websites.  Of course, when the users revolted and began boycotting the site, Murdoch backed down, claiming it was a "simple misunderstanding."  Uh-huh.  What else can you expect from a notorious control freak, though? I really don't... Continue Reading →

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