iTunes hates me and my taste in music

That's the only real reason that iTunes would inexplicably obliterate all the carefully-curated playlists I've had over many years. It happens at least once a year, and I've come to conclude that it simply loathes what I force it to play and its only escape is the occasional database seppuku. This time it wasn't just... Continue Reading →

Welcome…to Gay Country™

Steve Grand's 'All-American Boy' Becomes A Gay-Themed Country Music Hit On YouTube "All-American Boy" portrays a young gay man who misreads signals from an apparently straight "all-American" male friend. On a day hanging out with the gang, the two guys and a girl take off in a car. She drives, as the guys sit together... Continue Reading →

Caravan Palace: “Panic”

This new album by Caravan Palace is fucking fantastic: old-timey swing jazzy stuff fused with electronic goodness.  Their first album was really impressive, and this one really keeps their hot thing going.  "Clash" and "Dramophone" are especially good.  It's a steal for $7 on Amazon (14 tracks), a dollar less than iTunes.  (I prefer Amazon... Continue Reading →

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