Being hypersensitive is so gay

Frankly I'm disappointed that so many of my fellow gaywads are offended by this "electric cars are so gay" joke.  *massive eyeroll*  Seriously -- you can't find something more relevant to get worked up about?  Why are we so goddamned sensitive about such minor stuff?  This "gay=lame" joke has been around for 20 years, it's... Continue Reading →

NTDM, dammit!

One of the reasons I don't go out to movies very often anymore is that there are too many distractions.  You've got people chomping loudly on snacks, plastic wrappers crackling, children (sometimes clueless adults) yapping, and 20 minutes of brain-melting commercials before the show.  The latest annoyance?  Cellphones.  Or, rather, people who insist on using them... Continue Reading →

The Matrix DeZIONized

Fascinating:  a fan edit of the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies which cuts out all the Zion crap and refocuses the attention on the main characters, thus making two crappy sequels into one decent movie.  I haven't watched it but the comments say it's very well done and a LOT more enjoyable than the actual... Continue Reading →

“Inception” warped my fragile little mind

Holy shit, what a movie!  It's been a long time since I've seen such an engaging and complex story, one that challenges you rather than spoonfeeding you the answers.  At one point the movie has four simultaneous storylines, one nestled within another like an onion, all skillfully arranged and edited together to be easily followed... Continue Reading →


The first time I saw "Battlefield Earth" was at a friend's house during a birthday party, and we were all sipping on various boozes.  There were so many Star Wars style "wipes" (scene transitions) that I decided to make a drinking game out of it:  every time the movie had a wipe, we'd yell "Wipe!" and take a sip. ... Continue Reading →

Paging Charles Wallace…

Hmmm, looks like Disney's going to do a film adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time.  It was one of my favorite books while growing up...  I read it again recently and it still holds up pretty well as a freaky, weird story.  The BBC did a version of it which was absolutely wretched, so I... Continue Reading →

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