On your knees!

Oh dear, city officials in Toronto are down on their knees begging forgiveness from Miss Universe.  Apparently she was told to remove her crown and sash (gasp!) during a visit, because of a law which strictly prohibits exploitation of women or men for the purpose of attracting attention.  Sounds like they simply obeyed the law... Continue Reading →

The next Mother Teresa?

In other mindless, meaningless news, some girl from North Carolina was crowned Miss USA in a mindless, meaningless competition.   Just in case you're curious about this latest in a long line of mindless, meaningless winners, since they tend to choose vastly deep and thought-provoking people, "...She is studying fashion marketing at the Art Institute... Continue Reading →

Are you ugly?

Yes, you probly are.  Why?  Cause your not a modle like me!  Im beautifull, dont you think?  And that makes me SO much better than you.  Just look at you're self!  You wear those plain old cloths.  You wear cheap perfum and departmint store shoes.  And you have body fat.  How can you possible be... Continue Reading →

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