America being SWATted

Wow, what a frightening story.  Apparently the the use of SWAT teams and military-style force on U.S. citizens is increasing exponentially.  These "special teams" are being called in for situations that do not justify this kind of force, and yet there they are, often killing people without cause or raiding the wrong houses.  Excessive force... Continue Reading →

What? Military censorship? No way!

Everyone's freaking out about yesterday's update on Wonkette about the military censoring the Net for our boys and girls over in Iraq.  F'rinstance, they can reach Bill O'Reilly's and Rush Limbaugh's sites just fine, but Air America and Wonkette is blocked.  Yeah, it's insulting and sad, but what else can we expect from the military? ... Continue Reading →

Active duty, indeed

Last week there was a huge fuss made about several paratroopers from the super-duper elite 82nd Airborne in Ft. Bragg who took money to have queer gay homosexual sex for a porn website.  Three were court-martialed and the rest will be demoted.  Tsk-tsk...  While it's a shame that their lives are being simultaneously exposed and... Continue Reading →

When celebrities attack are attacked!

Last week, ABC News reporter Bob Woodruff and his cameraman were seriously wounded in Iraq when a bomb went off nearby.  As expected, the media went into an absolute mouth-foaming frenzy, spramping the story all over every T.V. show, radio newscast, newspaper, and website they could find.  It was a mind-boggling blitz!  I stubbornly refused... Continue Reading →

Sorry, wrong address.

Holy shit.  This is just sad:  our military bombed the wrong house in Iraq, killing six innocents.  Perhaps those "smart bombs" are only as smart as the people dropping them, hmmm? WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A bomb that killed six civilians Monday near Baiji, Iraq, missed its target by 65 feet (20 meters) and hit the... Continue Reading →

Got a question for ya.

Somebody please explain this to me.  Which of these two things has anything to do with military funding for our troops in Iraq? Financial aid for Hurricane Katrina victims Drilling for oil in a wildlife refuge One?  Both?  Neither?  I'm confused.  These two things were recently included in a defense spending bill for some reason,... Continue Reading →

Turn up the heat, baby…

Ah, the latest weapon in the war of science vs. people has been developed by our friends in the Pentagon: a giant microwave gun.  Why spend those extra zillions of dollars on technology to improve life on this planet when you can fry people in their skins like baked potatoes?  Neato!  But wait...what if you're... Continue Reading →

These guys play dirrrty!

This is kinda old news by now, but I still think it's amusing.  Apparently the torturers at Guantanamo had certain ideas about what kind of music would break their captives' will and turn them into quivering, secret-spilling mounds of jelly.  According to their logs: After the new measures are approved, the mood in al-Qahtani’s interrogation... Continue Reading →

Good news!

The sanctity of marriage is in full swing as news reports begin to surface that soldiers' divorce rates are skyrocketing.  But hey, it's no big deal.  Marriage is still holy and sacred and stuff.  You homos just don't understand love & commitment the way everyone else does, that's all. The number of active-duty soldiers getting... Continue Reading →

Cogs in the PR Machine

So the Tillmans are upset that the Army exploited their celebrity son's death as a tale of heroism and courage in the face of danger.  Obviously the Army was using it to bring a tear to the eyes of millions of easily-swayed American cattle who still choke up at the sight of a yellow ribbon... Continue Reading →

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