The Mall: Luxury prison living

While visiting Critter's family in Massachusetts last week, we saw a story in the Boston Globe about a new batch o' condos whose sole selling point is that they're located right above a mall.  ( also posted it with its usual snarkniess.)  For the paltry sum of $1.6 million (and your mortal soul), you can... Continue Reading →

How sucks it?

Hey, shoppers!  If you feel unrelenting pressure to buy gifts this holiday season (and who doesn't?), be sure and check out a new website called How It Sucks.  Instead of positive product reviews, you get the negative reviews from various shopping sites so you can tell how much your potential purchase sucks.  Some of the... Continue Reading →

Big-Box Bingo

My friend Nicole sent me a sharply-written little commentary about how giant chain stores continue to eat up our smaller towns and turn them into ugly little strip-mall wastelands, devoid of variety and character.  We both grew up in a little town in Arizona which is slowly becoming this sort of Big Box scene, sucking... Continue Reading →

It’s not a mall…it’s a way of life!

Those mall people are at it again with their latest attempt to make you shop-shop-shop:  the "lifestyle center".  Yes, it's a mall...but look!  It looks like a city street!  It's so open and spacious and inviting!  But hold on...  Whenever corporations begin using terms like "community" and "marketplace", and pretentious terms like "lifestyle center" and... Continue Reading →

Well, somebody had to do it.

Gotta hand it to a kid who vents his teen angst (or whatever) by pummeling the Easter Bunny at the mall, rather than picking up a gun or something.  (Actually I just enjoy the imagery of a guy in a bunny suit getting smacked around...don't ask me why!) Easter Bunny gets pummeled by boy at... Continue Reading →

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