News from the American Hellscape: Chick-fuk-U

Oh, really?  Chick-fil-A actually has a "vice president of corporate social responsibility"?  Wow, they're so benevolent and caring!  And so typical:  he spews fluffy religious statements about helping the children, following a higher calling, etc. but he's anti-gay and anti-choice.  Well, who has fewer abortions than gay people??  Another so-called Christian funding oppressive, hateful legislation... Continue Reading →

FYI: tonight’s weirdness in the sky is not supernatural in any way

Heads up, folks!  Some scientists are going to do some sciencey stuff tonight which will lead to weirdly colorful clouds.  If you see something like that in the sky, it is not: A U.F.O. The Rapture (finally) Buddha descending on a unicorn Kanye West's monstrous ego coming to devour us all Thank you in advance... Continue Reading →

A blessed visit from the Holy Water Vapor

Oh for fuck's sake.  Honestly, people, you need to get a grip on reality here.  Sorry, but this stuff just drives me bonkers...  Just because the clouds do something you've never seen before doesn't mean it's a sign from God or that the "end times" are near.  Even if it was a sign, what is... Continue Reading →

She has Jesus on her mind…literally

Soooo....this gal thinks she sees Jesus in her brain scan.  Because, you know, Jesus chose to reveal himself in the most inconvenient of places and they're 100% convinced it's real and it's OMG a miracle and stuff.  Of course, to rational-thinking folks this is akin to seeing an elephant in the clouds, but that's beside the point.  What... Continue Reading →

Sweet Baby Zombie Jesus!

Legal action?  Seriously?  So much for freedom of expression.  This guy's right:  if this had been a traditional Nativity scene, nobody would have said a peep about it.  If you're so offended by this that you feel the need to threaten someone, maybe you should take a moment to examine why that is.  Surely your... Continue Reading →

An atheist “converts” because of Easter

Sorry, but I don't buy this guy's "conversion" from atheism simply by reading the Bible and asking "experts" -- he was obviously not an atheist to begin with.  There are far too many contradictions in the Bible about the resurrection, especially since the Gospels were written between 40-70 years after the supposed event.  If you do enough... Continue Reading →

Larry David and the Great Pissing-On of Jesus

I love the show "Curb Your Enthusiasm" so fucking much.  It really touches that inner curmudgeon in me, it's so crabby and absurd and it makes me laugh like no other show these days! In a recent episode, Larry is taking some medication which gives his urination some, shall we say, unusual velocity.  While visiting... Continue Reading →

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