Warning: Dangerous levels of smugness detected!

So imagine you're a huge Apple fan.  You live and breathe and worship Apple products, and Steve Jobs is damn near God in your book.  Trouble is, you're having trouble finding a mate who can tolerate your intense, righteous smugness.  Nobody can stand to date or even attempt to "sensually interface with your various ports"... Continue Reading →

‘Nutha iPod killah, yo.

The headline on Slashdot says it all:  Microsoft To Construct iPod/DS/PSP Killer.  Again with the "killer" crap!   What can we learn from this?  Anytime you see a product reported as a "killer" you can immediately dismiss it as a clueless blogger or an idiot ad executive talking out of his arse.  The comments on Slashdot... Continue Reading →

Killer products

The tech blogs are all atwitter today after learning that Microsoft has been working on their own "Photoshop killer" and had recently stopped work on it in order to focus on other things.  OK, am I the only one getting sick of the way new, competing products are automatically called "killers"?  How many times have... Continue Reading →

iLosers rising

Oh boy, here we go again:  another mindless, babbling twat whose sole goal in his meaningless little life is to somehow "destroy the iPod cult."  His childish scribblings about iPods and conspiracies and brainwashing reveals a mind slowly losing its grip on reality.  He accuses the iPod of creating a society of people who don't... Continue Reading →

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