GOP Death Cult roundup

I have to apologize in advance for some potentially insensitive things I'm gonna say about dead people, but this stuff has me bouncing between rage and apathy like a goddamn ping pong ball. So let's get to it! The potato-faced über-Karen known as Marjorie Taylor Greene has been shitting her ignorance all over social media... Continue Reading →

Christians vs. Reality (Spoiler: reality is winning)

With the terrorizing spread of COVID-19, brave Christians all over America have decided to show just how defiant and unafraid they are. A virus? We can't even see it! How can it hurt us? Jesus will protect us! And that's why you have crap memes like this flooding social media: Because, naturally, Christians feel compelled... Continue Reading →

A Nazi-themed party in a German restaurant? Heil-arious!

These WWII reenactment people see absolutely nothing wrong with having a Nazi dinner party and apparently have all kinds of justifications for why it's harmless and even necessary.  Yeah, sure...whatever helps you sleep at night.  My biggest question is:  why in the world would ANY German restaurant host an event like this?  Seriously. Fancy Midwestern... Continue Reading →

From Birthers to Flat-Earthers: Conservatards Continue their De-Evolutuion

A recent study shows that conservatives have increasingly lost faith in science since the 70's.  Ha!  No shit, right?  But how can you "lose faith" in science when it doesn't even require faith in order to see it in action?  Science simply is, whether you believe in it or not, and it evolves along with... Continue Reading →

Sheriff Arpaio: America’s defense against fake birth certificate fakers

Arizona's batshit-crazy sheriff, a megalomaniacal  master of racial, political, and sexist asshattery, is still suckling desperately at the withered teats of the "OMG OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS LIKE FAKE AND STUFF OMG!" cow.  Jesus effing Christ on a cracker -- somebody commit this asshole to an institution before he hurts himself! America's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff... Continue Reading →

To a moron in Boise, “Portlandia” is a “minstrel show”

Wow. This guy rrreeeaaaallllyyy needs to pull that corn cob out of his ass and get a sense of humor.  I never feel that this show encourages us to hate the stereotypes they poke fun of...they're just taking it to a new level of absurdity.  Does he also think the hundreds of mindless sitcoms about... Continue Reading →

The Rapture: Take 2

Here we go again.  Not being content with being proven OH SO FUCKING EMBARRASSINGLY WRONG last May 21 when his Rapture prediction went completely limp, this crazy old coot is back once again saying the new Rapture is...tomorrow.  (If you're reading this, you weren't taken up to Heaven.  Sorry.  And congratulations.) Have you noticed a... Continue Reading →

Heterosexual? Suffering under the iron fist of The Gay? Time to get your own parade!

Holy shit.  Is Brazil about to have a Straight Pride Day?  They've got to be fucking kidding.  And check out the below quote from the idiot trying to get this thing put into law, he sounds like a real piece of work.  "A protest against the privileges the gay community enjoys", eh?  Oh!  Do you... Continue Reading →

Michele Bachmann: just another idiot “end-timer”

Not only does this bitch want to see all gays roasting in ovens, she's one of those batshit-crazy Christians who thinks Jesus is in his car and driving over here this very minute.  Surprising?  Hardly. You know what?  We've been in the "last days" for centuries now.  And it really means nothing, folks...not a goddamned... Continue Reading →

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