Who is to blame for Hurricane Sandy?

OK, here's my question:  is anyone blaming God for Hurricane Sandy yet?  I'm waiting. If the universe and everything in it, including pretty things like puffy clouds, sunsets, and flowers, are God's handiwork (oh how I hate that term), then so are things that kill like storms, volcanoes, and earthquakes.  I'm SO FUCKING TIRED of... Continue Reading →

Good job, Brownie.

CNN is running a great story about some idiotic emails that FEMA head Michael Brown sent out during the Katrina hurricane.  By now the whole world knows he's a moron, but these reveal even more astounding incompetence and outright stupidity in the face of thousands in need of help.  It would be laughable if it... Continue Reading →

“Ah accept responsa… responsibluh… blame.”

So Bush supposedly accepted responsibility on teevee tonight for the big-league fuckups with FEMA and Katrina: President George Bush took personal responsibility for the slow federal response to the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina, as the confirmed death toll in Louisiana almost doubled in one day. "Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at... Continue Reading →

A simple explanation

Finally we have a reason for Hurricane Katrina.  It's nice to be able to blame this horrible tragedy on something other than Nature's tantrums.  So who's to blame?  Why, Ellen DeGeneres, of course.  It only makes sense!  Ellen hosts the Emmys, wrath of God ensues.  Duh!  Thanks to Sarah Kidd (via Zanebee) for finally clearing... Continue Reading →

Non-surprise of the day

So! Bush's incompetent FEMA head Mikey Brown resigned today.  AS IF we didn't see this coming.  What else can you expect from a guy who can't even preside over a horse association without screwing it up?  This is what happens when people in power give jobs to their lackeys "just because."  I'm sure the folks... Continue Reading →

Your day to pray!

*sigh*  Now our dear President is calling Sept. 16th Katrina Prayer Day.  I don't have any problems with praying for the unfortunate, but do we really need a "day of prayer"?  Why not pray every day?  This is what organized religion does:  it organizes a fundamental thing like prayer into days, hours, categories.  It's red... Continue Reading →

Oh yeah, that storm thing.

You know, it's easy to bash Bush for his actions (or non-actions) regarding the New Orleans aid situation just because he's a Republican.  I think it's entirely possible for a President of any party to fuck this up, because humans make mistakes...but there's something about Bush's interests, priorities, and even upbringing which make this a... Continue Reading →

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