The fauxmeless don’t need your help.

I was deee-lighted to see a story yesterday about some homeless girl in Utah who has turned panhandling into a living, even though she's not really homeless.  Apparently a T.V. crew secretly followed her around for a couple of weeks and then confronted her with some tough questions about what she was doing.  She didn't... Continue Reading →

Beware the pandhandlers

OK, this may not be illegal but it's sleazy as hell.  A Washington State Trooper has been posing as a homeless man on busy street corners.  When he spots someone without a seat belt on, he radios to his pals down the road and they pull the driver over to give him/her a ticket.  At... Continue Reading →

Worm fuzzies

On the human interest front, a local boy has helped raise a few thousand dollars for a local charity which benefits the homeless.  Here's his sales pitch:  "Last week in the newspaper was a story about a group of people who want to make an old hotel nice and shiny for people who are homeless.... Continue Reading →

Kick me: $1.00

No, he's not kidding.  I saw this guy at the 50th St. offramp yesterday (4/23) and couldn't help snapping a pic.  I had $10 in my wallet, but I didn't think he'd be up for that! These street corner opportunists are such a hoot sometimes.  They sit on the corners and freeway on/offramps (where you... Continue Reading →

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