Dull as dishwater, and then some

Today's the office gift exchange, and I got stuck buying something for the most bland, boring, uncomfortably awkward guy in the office.  He's so awkward that I want to claw my face off when he tries to make conversation...and, lucky me, I usually get stuck sitting across from him when we all go out to... Continue Reading →

Wenches about town

On a lighter note, we had a BLAST last weekend for Halloween.  We dressed up as drunken German beer wenches.  Critter was the pretty one and I was the homely one with makeup issues.  He actually spent a lot of time learning to do his makeup, since he had never really done it before.  He... Continue Reading →

Every city needs a little Santarchy

I've never had the good fortune of witnessing a Santacon invasion, but next year I'll be on my guard.  They were here in Seattle a few days ago, piling into restaurants and strip clubs before heading into the downtown library to fart around and cause mischief. Earlier they Santafied San Francisco with a vengeance: They... Continue Reading →

Christmas Creep in the worst possible way

At KB Toys, they're having a "Pre-Holiday Sale" (consumerist.com) just in time for Halloween!  In fact, they've sort of combined Xmas and Halloween into the same holiday altogether, like most stores (Target loves to do this as well).  Doesn't that just make you want to puke up a lung?  I just LOVE the pumpkin wearing a Santa hat.  Also,... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the crazy that Christmas brings

It's fascinating how Christmastime always brings some sort of backlash from people.  Some think it's too commercial and long for the "good old days" of a simpler holiday, some think it detracts from the Jesus thing, and others just plain hate Christmas from all angles and can't wait for it to pass.  Whatever the case... Continue Reading →

How sucks it?

Hey, shoppers!  If you feel unrelenting pressure to buy gifts this holiday season (and who doesn't?), be sure and check out a new website called How It Sucks.  Instead of positive product reviews, you get the negative reviews from various shopping sites so you can tell how much your potential purchase sucks.  Some of the... Continue Reading →

Happy Roasted Bird Product Day

Travel woes aside, if you're spending time with family this weekend I wish y'all a pleasant and drama-free time! And don't forget America's new traditional Thanksgiving feast centerpiece:  Turducken!  (Or Tur-Duc-Hen...apparently it swings both ways.)  What is it?  Basically it's dressing, chicken, and duck all stuffed into a turkey.  Sounds odd, but it's not quite... Continue Reading →

Christmas creep…in early September!

I was going through my phone pics tonight and found something I completely forgot about: a picture of Christmas decorations I spotted at Costco on September 8th, a full month before the pics I snapped at Lowe's. It's absolutely unbelievable.

Christmas is creepin’ in

"Christmas creep" is in full swing, as decorations were spotted in early October this year.  What gives?  The decoration displays at Lowe's Hardware was astounding:  two long, tall aisles filled top-to-bottom with holiday crap.  No Halloween stuff, mind you, just Christmas items.  It's so puke-inducing that I snapped some pics for my Cultural Wasteland gallery. ... Continue Reading →

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