Food-assisted suicide

Why am I not surprised that this shit-tastic restaurant resides in Arizona?  (Because Arizona has lost its tiny little mind the past couple of years, that's why!)  And people wonder why healthcare costs are so high.  Jesus. The menu includes unfiltered cigarettes and milkshakes reputed to have the highest fat content in the world, but... Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Health Care Lies

I keep getting chain-letter emails from family members who buy into these nutty conspiracy theories about Obama's healthcare plan.  "They're gonna exterminate our elderly!  They're gonna make abortions mandatory!  They're gonna force my child to get a sex change!"  It's that crazy, folks, and they're that gullible.  (They also have health insurance, unlike so many... Continue Reading →

Still clueless as ever

Hillary recently unveiled her revamped plan to reform our healthcare, but the most astonishing quote from this story came fom the Secretary of Health and Human Services: Leavitt told the USA TODAY editorial board that Bush will veto a Democratic plan emerging from Congress that would add $35 billion in taxpayer subsidies to the Children's... Continue Reading →

We’re all sickos

I recently saw the movie "SiCKO" and I thought it was Michael Moore's best yet.  I'm not a huge fan of his films...I like some things about them, but other things are a bit over-the-top and unnecessary.  This time, though, I think he did most of it right.   It certainly had an impact:   it left... Continue Reading →

Richest poor company on the planet

According to today's Seattle Times, the state is subsidizing Wal-Mart's employee health care to the tune of $12 million. It cost the state an estimated $12 million in 2004 to provide government-subsidized health care to Wal-Mart employees, according to a state Senate analysis released Tuesday. The total was nearly double that amount if costs to... Continue Reading →

Speaking of parasites…

This is somewhat amusing...  A dermatologist in California has been claiming to have a new "miracle treatment" for head lice with a 96% cure rate.  He has been charging almost $300/treatment to parents who don't want to bother with prescription treatments (though I can't imagine they're this expensive).  He tried to sell his treatment to... Continue Reading →

Ask your doctor. Or don’t.

The New York Times has a story today about how the pharmaceutical industry is seeing its sales slide.  There are many factors contributing to this, which are pretty much summed up in this bit: ...insurers and some states are taking advantage of the backlash against the industry to try shifting patients to older, generic drugs,... Continue Reading →

Heavier issues

Well, now!  Looks like we may not have gotten the full story about that doctor (mentioned last week) who had a complaint filed against him because he told a patient that she needed to lose weight before it kills her.  As it turns out, the complaint wasn't about his medical advice, but about his comment... Continue Reading →

Heavy issues

With obesity rates skyrocketing all over the country, and with all the research available proving that carrying around too much extra weight is harmful (and sometimes even fatal), can people really afford to have sensitive egos when it comes to weight advice from our doctors?  Some lady in New Hampshire decided that she was hugely... Continue Reading →

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