Betrayed by President Cheeto

This probably makes me a bit of an asshole, but when I read about Trump supporters who are now feeling fucked over, I get the giggles. This guy's troubles really aren't funny, of course, but I do feel more than a little bit of schadenfreude reading about the extraordinary lengths he went to in supporting... Continue Reading →

Head, meet bat.

This Jesusdouche was parading around outside a high school in Arizona holding a sign saying "You dserve to be raped."  You won't believe what happens next! Anti-Gay Preacher Assaulted With Baseball Bat Outside Arizona High School: VIDEO An anti-gay Arizona street preacher required hospital treatment after he was hit over the head with a baseball... Continue Reading →

Prepare thyself for the Holy Handjob™

Stories like this bring me such a torrent of schadenfreude I almost can't stand it. Oh, it's definitely horrible (and unsurprising) that it was reported to the Archbishop and completely ignored...I mean, it's what we've come to expect from the Church. But the antics of this predatory, closeted scumbag are now out in the open,... Continue Reading →

Let’s see Fox News blame Obama for this one

Here's something to brighten your day!  Fox "News", a.k.a. the unofficial mouthpiece of the oligarchy, is saturated with blatant, unapologetic liars on its shows.  Everyone knows that!  This guy just happens to have one lie bigger than most...and then some. Fox News 'terror expert' Wayne Simmons arrested for lying about 27-year career as CIA officer A frequent... Continue Reading →

Sweet Baby Zombie Jesus!

Legal action?  Seriously?  So much for freedom of expression.  This guy's right:  if this had been a traditional Nativity scene, nobody would have said a peep about it.  If you're so offended by this that you feel the need to threaten someone, maybe you should take a moment to examine why that is.  Surely your... Continue Reading →

Today’s entertainment: watching right-wing crazies completely lose their fucking shit

I'm enjoying watching the conservative meltdowns and End Times gnashing of teeth. This is what happens when you pour all your hopes and dreams into a single person, believing they'll change the world into what you want. It's also what happens when you think that your vote has some sort of divine power and is... Continue Reading →

Trinity Broadcasting Network: a cesspit of embezzlement, secret gay trysts, and canine mobile homes

How sweet it is!  And who can be surprised?  The singing, crying evangelical sock-puppets known as Paul and Jan "The Raccoon" Crouch have obviously, OBVIOUSLY been playing fast and loose with their followers' cash for many years.  All it takes to see this is to turn on the tube and watch these motherfuckers in their... Continue Reading →

Another Republican closeteer caught doin’ dirty gay homo things

Tee-hee!  I love it when conservative turds (conservaturds?) like this float to the surface.  Just another closeted hypocrite caught in a very public way.  I'm done feeling sorry for these assholes.  (Oh wait, I never really did...) I hope he bought a giant dildo that gave his cornhole a nasty skin rash. SOUTHAVEN, Miss. —... Continue Reading →

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