Hot meat

Bloody hell.  Golden Palace Casino is back in action, this time winning an auction for a hot dog from the Seahawks championship game.  They paid $1800 for it, which is admittedly a trifling amount compared to the money they've paid for far stupider items, but it's still an eye-roller.  You can still view the completed... Continue Reading →

No sacred cows here

Lordy, those creeps at Golden Palace Casino are at it again.  This time, they're painting ads on cattle.  They're getting twice the bang for their ad buck, since people will drive by and see the cattle and the media is sure to report it like crazy (and certain bloggers can't resist yapping about it). On... Continue Reading →

I knew it!!!

Wired has an article about Golden Palace today which spills the beans on their cheap tactics to earn themselves a household name:  buying useless shit on eBay just to get press coverage.  They didn't buy the recent Jennifer Wilbanks toast, but they did buy the mystery envelope a while back as well as the infamous... Continue Reading →

Salty holy relic treat

The attention whores at Golden Palace Casino are at it again, purchasing a Virgin Mary shaped pretzel just to get their name mentioned in a few more places.  You may remember them from the mystery envelope story the other day. they really think this kind of thing will drive more people to use their... Continue Reading →

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