I used to devour books.  I'd buy them 4-5 at a time, either in a bookstore (new and used) or from Amazon, and I'd read them voraciously.  But somewhere along the way, I kind of lost interest in reading for fun.  Suddenly I was reading more and more stuff like gadget/technology/media/entertainment blogs instead of anything... Continue Reading →

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole!

I loathe Comic Sans like most other people with any sense of taste.  I shudder with revulsion when people at work send out emails and official company documents formatted with it, looking like a retarded child scrawled it with a broken crayon.  Goddammit, stop that!  Don't you know how using Comic Sans makes you look? But... Continue Reading →

Pac-Man wants to eat yer hot stuff

You know your man truly acknowledges your inner nerd when he brings this home just for you:  a Pac-Man silicone oven mitt!  Look, it even has the game maze inside the mouth.  Wocka-wocka-wocka! (I was such a fan that in 6th grade I wore my Pac-Man shirt, hat, and sunglasses for Pac-Man Day at school...on... Continue Reading →

Microsoft wants to be the hipsterdouche’s best friend

I'm so over this obsession with the trendy hipster subculture that all marketing departments for tech companies seem to have.  Are douchey, hoodie-wearing guys with scraggly beards and morose girls with black-rimmed glasses the only people who might want to buy one of their products? Not to mention that, as the article points out, Microsoft targeted... Continue Reading →

The Five Stages of Data Loss Grief

This is VERY accurate.  I have gone through each of these stages more than once, and I've learned my lesson!  These days I'm doing daily incremental online backups using Mozy, plus another copy of the super-important stuff (photos and vacation/concert videos) on a drive here in the house, so I don't worry at all about... Continue Reading →

25 Great Pirate Bay Alternatives

So long, Pirate Bay...we definitely knew ye, probably more than we should have. Time to move on to your other torrenty brethren! The end of the Pirate Bay is nearing. Even if the deal with GGF doesn't go through the current owners are likely to sell to one of the other interested parties. For many... Continue Reading →

A brush with geek stardom

Critter has been finishing up his college studies, and one of the last classes he's having to take is one centering around the internet and new media, or something like that.  Basically he just reads books and has to blog about them.  Anyway, the other night his usual professor wasn't able to make it, but... Continue Reading →

Thomas Dolby: The Sole Inhabitant

Yesterday I noticed that Thomas Dolby's live album The Sole Inhabitant is now available on Amazon as a MP3 download for only 7 bucks.  These are free of copy protection, unlike what iTunes sells, so you can do with them what you wish.  (I've stopped using iTunes for digital music shopping, unless it's the only... Continue Reading →

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