Smartphones for dumbasses

People like this are so goddamn irritating.  They're the kind of twats who insist on staring into their bright little screens in the movie theater.  Yes, I do carry my iPhone everywhere and check my "stuff" now and then.  But I'm not hanging on every Facebook update, every tweet, every new email.  I enjoy reading... Continue Reading →

Morons on tour

The New York Times has a mind-boggling -- yet completely unsurprising -- article about vacationing idiots and their gadgets.  It used to be that people would just dangle themselves over the edge of the Grand Canyon (sometimes falling in) or lean up against a cage of raging baboons to get that "special" photo.  But now... Continue Reading →


I used to devour books.  I'd buy them 4-5 at a time, either in a bookstore (new and used) or from Amazon, and I'd read them voraciously.  But somewhere along the way, I kind of lost interest in reading for fun.  Suddenly I was reading more and more stuff like gadget/technology/media/entertainment blogs instead of anything... Continue Reading →

Microsoft wants to be the hipsterdouche’s best friend

I'm so over this obsession with the trendy hipster subculture that all marketing departments for tech companies seem to have.  Are douchey, hoodie-wearing guys with scraggly beards and morose girls with black-rimmed glasses the only people who might want to buy one of their products? Not to mention that, as the article points out, Microsoft targeted... Continue Reading →

The ordinary Apple

The Washington Post recently ran a very interesting piece about how the Apple Stores have gone from trendy and elite hipster hangouts to ordinary mainstream stores.  The author really nails it when describing the feeling of an Apple Store nowadays: The demi-privacy of it, the clubby feeling -- I know that you know that I... Continue Reading →

I believe…in lameness!

What's in Jesus' MP3 collection?  I think 95% of it would be Christian Rock, but that stuff is so lame it's really not worth paying for, so he'd probably just snarf it via BitTorrent or something.  The other 5% would likely be Scandinavian death metal.  But I digress. The biggest question is: what would Jesus... Continue Reading →

God in the noggin

There's an absolutely fascinating article in the latest Scientific American about some scientists who were able to produce a sense of spiritual awe and wonder in a group of test subjects purely by artificial means.  The summary posted on Slashdot gives us the lowdown: Scientific American is reporting on scientific work done to map the... Continue Reading →

The iPhone: Is it over yet?

The launch of the iPhone is imminent, and predictably the media is completely saturated with coverage, as bad (or worse) than the crap we endure during the Super Bowl or Presidential elections.  (My apologies for contributing to the cacophony!)  I just did a Google News search on the topic and it returned 11,403 results, which... Continue Reading →

Stop the smugness!

Apple's infamous "I'm a Mac, You're a PC" ads are airing in the UK with British actors, and of course the nerdblogs are all atwitter about it.  Supposedly they're quite entertaining, especially for lovers of Britcoms.  Personally I won't bother watching them, because I really don't need more Mac smugness pushed into my face.  I've... Continue Reading →

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