Tonight we saw a Doctor Who burlesque show at Seattle's Re-Bar which was a hoot -- very campy with lots of characters and references, some of them pretty clever/obscure if you're a fan. My favorites: Queen Elizabeth found her inner sexiness via striptease which revealed werewolf ears and other furry bits Captain Jack emotively stripped... Continue Reading →

I'm listening to Bollywood streaming radio and I could swear I heard "Mahi Mahi Nutellaaaaaa"...

Socialites Claim They Got Tricked into Paying $50k for Finger Painting Oh, this is rich. A finger painting is at the center of an almost half-a-million dollar lawsuit after an Upper East Side couple claims they were tricked by their children's pricey private school into paying $50,000 for a finger painting by kindergartners.

Bioshock Infinite is a staggering 17.3GB. Sweet Jeebus that's a lot of space! I've never seen a game take up that much room. I had to clear a couple of games off the ol' SSD to fit all that on...

Internet Catches Texas Senate Altering Timestamp on Abortion Bill Vote I'm not surprised in the least. Let's see if anyone bothers to open an investigation. The bill is dead, but that doesn't change the fact that the Texas Republicans committed a desperate crime.

Ancient Hellenes religion makes comeback in Greece It's the most important annual festival for followers of The Return of the Hellenes — a movement trying to bring back the religion, values, philosophy and way of life of ancient Greece, more than 16 centuries after it was replaced by Christianity. These people consider Greece to be... Continue Reading →

World's Largest 'Ex-Gay' Ministry Shuts Down, Issues Incredible Apology What an astonishing development! Common sense says that you can't "pray away the gay", but that didn't stop this organization from destroying many, many lives. I hope that its rebirth can undo some of that damage.

On a day like today when I've had too little sleep and the brain just isn't at 100%, there's something satisfying about washing down a caffeine pill with a big swig of coffee.

Listening to some really bad 80's radio. On now: "(We Don't Need) That Fascist Groove Thang". Yeah -- you tell 'em how it is, Heaven 17! *snort*

I've decided to try Amazon Glacier to backup my photos & video taken during the past 10+ years. Storage is priced at only $.01/GB but it's meant for stuff you hardly ever need to touch. I figure that's OK for this stuff in case my local HD goes tits-up or something in the future. My... Continue Reading →

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