Plus-size T.V.?

Apparently there's a new show on the teevee called "Mike & Molly" about two fat people who fell in love after meeting at Overeaters Anonymous.  Once again, American sitcom writers demonstrate their superb cleverness!  Sigh.  And, shocker of all shockers, there are plenty of fat and eating jokes in it.  People are freaking out about... Continue Reading →

Food-assisted suicide

Why am I not surprised that this shit-tastic restaurant resides in Arizona?  (Because Arizona has lost its tiny little mind the past couple of years, that's why!)  And people wonder why healthcare costs are so high.  Jesus. The menu includes unfiltered cigarettes and milkshakes reputed to have the highest fat content in the world, but... Continue Reading →

Mongo returns!

Five years ago I blogged about a guy who ran afoul the law by going into various restaurants and, after eating a shitload of food, refusing to pay because he "found a hair" or the food was "moldy."  Uh-huh. Well, he's back in a BIG way (sorry, I couldn't resist).  He's been up to the... Continue Reading →

Yes, but he earned it!

So the retiring Exxon chairman is getting a $400 million payoff while we mere mortals are facing gas prices of $3+ per gallon and rising.  Outrageous, but hardly surprising.  I sure hope he sent Bush a thank-you card for helping Exxon earn "the biggest profit of any company ever" last year.  Wow, them wars sure... Continue Reading →

If it’s good enough for Europe…

Wow, this is simply amazing:  in an effort to combat child obesity, major beverage companies in Europe are pledging to overhaul the way they market to kids.  The highlights are: Print & television ads aimed specifically at kids under 12 (including ads which persuade kids to beg their parents to buy stuff) will cease More... Continue Reading →

Back away slowly.

"Me Mongo!  Me eat food.  Me scam Mickey D's.  Me get free food.  Me get caught, put in jail.  Me no like jail, must eat jail food.  Me not happy.  Maybe me eat you next." A 500-pound man in Seminole County, Fla., was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of scamming fast-food restaurants out of large amounts... Continue Reading →

Heavy issues

With obesity rates skyrocketing all over the country, and with all the research available proving that carrying around too much extra weight is harmful (and sometimes even fatal), can people really afford to have sensitive egos when it comes to weight advice from our doctors?  Some lady in New Hampshire decided that she was hugely... Continue Reading →

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