Disaster recovery

I'm still processing this election thing.  There's so much depressing stuff happening, and so much of it is unprecedented.  The cronyism and nepotism with Trump's staff picks...the rise of neo-Nazi fucktards who are publicly sieg-heiling him...his refusal to release tax returns...his dodging of the press...his lack of (immediate) post-election outreach to other world leaders...his retention... Continue Reading →

It’s almost over!

There are now three more days before the election hammer comes down to smite us all.  I'm hoping that hammer won't be wearing the mangy pelt of a roadkilled ocelot on its head, but we'll just have to wait and see.  (Speaking of roadkill, my running list of Trump epithets has just been updated with some great... Continue Reading →

Going downhill fast…

Well, so much for my efforts to ignore Trump...  Actually this is more about his supporters. So this is what we've come to now: Photographs Show Trump Supporters Pepper Spraying Protesters in The Face (UPDATED) Last week, photographer Jimi Giannatti attended a Trump rally in San Diego, where protestors converged to denounce in particular the... Continue Reading →

Is it over yet?

It's been a while since I've posted anything. It's not for lack of topics, exactly -- I mean, there's such a rich vein of conservative crazy out there to mined and enjoyed. So what's the problem? Oh, nothing big...just the FUCKING SCARY TURN that America's politics has taken lately. The top Republican contenders: a racist... Continue Reading →

All aboard the gay-hatin’ GOP train to Crazytown!

Just the name "National Religious Liberties Conference" screams insanity-tinged Christian hysteria.  And boy, does it deliver!  Gays should be put to death, birth control is made of tiny babies, "Frozen" turns your little girls into lesbians...it's quite the list of unhinged religious bullshit.  And the three most extremely anti-gay GOP candidates are proudly attending this conference... Continue Reading →

Today’s entertainment: watching right-wing crazies completely lose their fucking shit

I'm enjoying watching the conservative meltdowns and End Times gnashing of teeth. This is what happens when you pour all your hopes and dreams into a single person, believing they'll change the world into what you want. It's also what happens when you think that your vote has some sort of divine power and is... Continue Reading →

Michele Bachmann: just another idiot “end-timer”

Not only does this bitch want to see all gays roasting in ovens, she's one of those batshit-crazy Christians who thinks Jesus is in his car and driving over here this very minute.  Surprising?  Hardly. You know what?  We've been in the "last days" for centuries now.  And it really means nothing, folks...not a goddamned... Continue Reading →

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