Douchebags of Grindr…revisited

Over a year ago I posted about my new photo gallery of Grindr douchebags, and I haven't really updated it since.  Today I get word that someone's created a website that pretty much copies the idea, appropriately called  If I'd had the time and energy (and the will) to devote to a website just for... Continue Reading →

Douchey nicknames for the Vegas Strip

A couple of years ago we decided never to stay on the Strip in Las Vegas again. There are several reasons for this, one of being that the place is completely overrun with douchebags wearing their douchey outfits acting like Grade-A douchebags. It's simply America's most popular douchebag destination and we can only take so... Continue Reading →

Wisconsin douchebags burn Obama in effigy (white hoods optional)

Wow, these guys must, like, totally feel empowered and stuff.  So awesome, I mean, like, burning things that look like people really, you know, sends a strong, like, message and stuff.  You know? Christ, what unmitigated twatocity.  But reverse the colors (black guys burning an effigy of a white President) and you'd have the building... Continue Reading →

Microsoft wants to be the hipsterdouche’s best friend

I'm so over this obsession with the trendy hipster subculture that all marketing departments for tech companies seem to have.  Are douchey, hoodie-wearing guys with scraggly beards and morose girls with black-rimmed glasses the only people who might want to buy one of their products? Not to mention that, as the article points out, Microsoft targeted... Continue Reading →

Is waterboarding torture? Ask Mancow, the girly-man

"Mancow", one of the many loudmouthed douchebags of radio, has been demanding that waterboarding isn't he volunteered to try it himself.  How long did he last?  Well, let's just say it was far less than your average torture victim.  So I guess he's both full of shit AND a wuss. Heh...I love it when... Continue Reading →

The most douchey email you’ve read ALL YEAR (so far)

I just HAVE to share this, it's simply too horrifying not to.  Grab a barf bag and prepare yourself. A friend of mine has been seeing a guy who has used her, dumped her, taken her back, strung her along some more, and finally decided to dump her again and move away.  But he still says he... Continue Reading →

MTV: No douchebag left behind

Remember when MTV actually had something to do with music?  I have fond teenage memories of gazing in wonder at the wall-to-wall music videos when it first hit the airwaves, but this ain't your daddy's MTV.  It's now a wasteland of talentless, witless reality shows which pander to America's most brain-dead viewers.  But everyone knows... Continue Reading →

Don’t touch those balls!

Speaking of retards, a certain Republican politician in Maryland has a giant stick up his butt about something that is obviously dragging our culture into the fires of hell:  Truck Nuts.  You know...the big rubber balls that truck-lovin' tools all over America are now hanging from the bumpers of their gas-guzzling monstrosities.  I think they're... Continue Reading →

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