News from the American Hellscape: Chick-fuk-U

Oh, really?  Chick-fil-A actually has a "vice president of corporate social responsibility"?  Wow, they're so benevolent and caring!  And so typical:  he spews fluffy religious statements about helping the children, following a higher calling, etc. but he's anti-gay and anti-choice.  Well, who has fewer abortions than gay people??  Another so-called Christian funding oppressive, hateful legislation... Continue Reading →

Running list of Donald Trump epithets

Update 12/10/18: Just saw a new one on Daily Kos: Mango Mussolini. Update 7/30/17: At a reader's request, I removed the image of PigTrump as it was an insult to Porcine Americans. It's been replaced by a more appropriate image based on a famous Twitter remark. 🙂 Also added that awesome meme of Scottish insults.... Continue Reading →

Of guns and dildos

This might be the greatest response to gun-toting GOP candidates I've ever seen.  Absolutely clever, juvenile, and hilarious!  Check out #GOPdildo on Tumblr, it's a hoot.  In the below article he explains why he's Photoshopping dildos into the hands of Republicans, and his thoughts on gun control are thoughtful and well-stated.  He'd like a more... Continue Reading →

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